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What is Woohooer?

Woohooer is the central repository for all alterations to romantic interactions in my suite. It contains coding that alters the rules used by the various Woohoo interactions, in addition to most all romance related standing social interactions.

Like StoryProgression before it, this mod uses trait scoring to determine the probability that a sim will engage in an interaction with another sim. However, in this mod scoring is totally optional, and can be disabled by toggling the "Scoring \ Use Trait Scoring" option, or by removing the "WoohooerScoring.package" from your setup.

The mod also adds the capability to engage in "Risky Woohoo", an interaction that has less chance of conception than "Try For Baby", but still has the risk of a pregnancy.

What happens when I tell two sims to Woohoo?

If you choose to woohoo from the sim menu, the sims will engage in a brief make out interaction, and then automatically proceed to the nearest available woohoo object.

You can disable the make out session by toggling the "Woohoo \ Allow Foreplay" option. When you do so, both sims will immediately head towards the nearest object ESP-style.

The choice of object is in the following order of precedence :
  1. Any object in the room of the initiating sim
  2. Any object on the same level as the initiating sim
  3. Any object on the lot
  4. If you do not wish the sims to use a particular type of woohoo object, you can disable its use via the "Woohoo \ Valid Location" options. Note that doing so will disable the use of that object for all sims in town.

So where can we woohoo in the game?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Where]]

Woohoo locations are based on the Expansion Packs you have installed

In addition, Kama Simtra adds the ability to Woohoo on the Computer. A "CyberWoohoo" interaction is available which allows the sim to engage in random woohoo with strangers, or select a known sim to engage in some cyber loving.

Why is the Kama Simtra skill missing upon game startup?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Missing]]

Since patch 1.38 issues with skills disappearing when the game is loaded have been reported. To avoid this instance delete the scriptcache.package file before starting your game. The file is found here:
<My Documents>\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\scriptcache.package

What are the requirements/completion effects for the Kama Simtra Challenges?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#KarmaSimtraChallenges]]

Notes, liking change is applied daily to all Sims your Sim knows who meet the criteria. End applied value is stated value times KamaSimtra Daily Relationship Change configuration value.

Buff chance affects the chance of receiving a negative or positive buff (satisfaction chance). This value is then added to KamaSimtra Base Satisfaction Chance configuration value. Also tacked on is KamaSimtra skill level times KamaSimtra Satisfaction Per Level configuration value to give the overall chances of being satisfied or disappointed. This is the end value used in the randomizer. Negative is only applied if the positive chance fails or the end value for positive is below 0.

Buff length affects the timer on the positive buff should they get one.

Note for each opportunity the Sim has not completed, the chance of a negative buff is increased by 5.

Liking change: -1 for females known
Renown doubled

Liking change: -1 for males known
Renown doubled

Liking change: +1 for males known who are younger

Gold digger
Liking change: +1 for elders known, -1 for all other Sims who have elderly parents. Does not affect Sims who are elders themselves.

Liking Change: -1 for all Sims who score positively for disliking gigolos. (Data not easily available at this time)
Renown doubled

Liking Change: +1 for all Sims who score positively for liking worldly Sims. (Data not easily available at this time)
Buff Chance: +10 for positive, negative reduced 10.
Renown doubled

Buff Chance: +30 for positive, negative reduced 20.

Buff Length: 240
Buff Chance: +20 for positive, negative reduced 10.

Liking Change: -1 for Sims who prefer to be monogamous (See Monogamous @ Woohooer Behavior Scoring)
Buff Chance: +10 for positive, negative reduced 10.
Renown doubled

Liking Change: +1 for Sims who like exhibitionist, -1 for those that don't (Data not easily available at this time)
Buff Chance: +10 for positive, negative reduced 10.

Liking Change: +1 for Sims that are valid woohoo targets
Buff Chance: +20 for positive, negative reduced 20.
Renown tripled

Liking change: +1 for celebs known

Liking change: +1 for service sims known

Liking change: +1 for Sims who have any occult, are ghosts or are grim reaper, -1 for those not. No effect on Sims who have no occult or are ghosts.

Liking change: +1 for Sims who have any occult, are ghosts or are grim reaper, -1 for those not. No effect on Sims who have no occult or are ghosts.

Grave Robber
Liking change: +1 for ghosts, -1 for Sims who aren't occults

Liking change: -1 for Sims who aren't the Sims partner
Buff change: positive chance reduced 10, negative chance increased 20

Liking change: -1 for Sims who aren't the Sims partner
Buff chance: positive chance reduced by 10, negative chance increased by 20

Liking change: +1 for Sims who like easy riders, -1 for those that don't.
Buff change: positive chance reduced by 10, negative increased by 20

Liking change: +1 for celebs known

Liking change: +1 for Sims who prefer monogamous (See Monogamous @ Woohooer Behavior Scoring)
Buff chance: positive increased by 20, negative reduced by 20
Renown doubled

Liking change: +1 for Sims known who are older
Buff length: 120

Liking change: +1 for Sims who are younger, -1 otherwise
Buff length: 120

Liking change: +1 for Sims have no occult.
Buff Chance: +20 for positive, -20 for negative

Liking change: +1 for Sims who like risky, -1 otherwise (See LikeRisky @ Woohooer Behavior Scoring)
Renown doubled

Liking change: +1 for Sims who like cyber, -1 otherwise (Data not easily available at this time)
Buff Chance: negative reduced by 20

Why can't I see the "Woohoo!" or "Try For Baby!" interactions for two of my sims?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Missing]]

Note : This approach at debugging works for most of the interactions replaced by this mod, including "Propose", "Get Married", and most "Friendly" and "Romantic" interactions.

There are numerous reasons the woohoo interactions may not display between two sims, many of which are legitimate, and can be resolved simply by altering the settings in the mod.

To determine the reason the interaction is not available, do the following :
  1. Turn on the "General \ Debugging" setting
  2. Make one of the sims the active character
  3. Click on the other sim.
  4. The missing interaction should be listed in the menu as greyed out.
  5. Hover over the greyed out menu entry and you should receive a tooltip that describes the reason why the interaction is unavailable
  6. If you do not understand the reason, or do not know which option to change to correct the issue, feel free to ask here: Woohooer Issues
  7. Turn the "General \ Debugging" setting back off again when you've finished troubleshooting.

Details on some of the more obscure tooltips :
  • "Aging Up Fail"
    • This is displayed when the sim is marked for age-up, either because they are beyond the normal amount of sim-days allowed in their age-stage, or they are currently in the process of aging-up.
    • Pregnant sims are not allowed to change age-stages due to outfit restrictions, so you must wait until they transition to their next age-stage before continuing.
  • "Hide Woohoo"
    • You have the "Woohoo \ Hide WooHoo Interaction" enabled, which totally hides the "Woohoo!" interaction.
    • If that is not your intention, you should disable the option.
  • "Interaction Level Fail"
    • You have the "Woohoo \ Interaction Level" level set at a level for which your current sims have not yet achieved
    • Change the option to a lower level, such as "Default", or change the relationship between the two sims to match your required settings (such as get them married).
  • "Liking Gate Fail"
    • You have the "Scoring \ Romantic Liking Gate For User Directed" option enabled, and your sims do not have sufficient long-term relationship to exceed the *"Romance \ Species \ Liking Gate For Autonomous" value you have assigned.
    • Either turn off "Scoring \ Romantic Liking Gate For User Directed" or reduce the value set in "Romance \ Species \ Liking Gate For Autonomous"
  • "Progression Denied"
    • The settings in StoryProgression are blocking the interaction from occurring.
      • If you wish to bypass these restrictions for your own interactions, you can use "NRaas \ Woohooer \ General \ Check Story Progression For User-Directed"
      • You can also simply disable the check entirely via "NRaas \ Woohooer \ General \ Link To Story Progression"
        • Note that doing so will allow inactives to romantically interact in a manner that may not match the rules you have in place in StoryProgression.
    • See here for further details on the more common issues : StoryProgression FAQ Caste
    • Additional information may appear in the tooltip for these type of blocks:
      • "Allow Romance"
        • The "Sim Options \ Romance: Allow" is disabled for one of the sims. Note that "Stasis" disables "Romance: Allow".
        • By default "Romance: Allow" is disabled for the "Tourists" and "Service Population" castes
  • "STC Fail"
    • This is displayed for interactions which require that you be in a higher level conversation such as "Alluring" or "Extremely Irresistible"
    • You can alter this requirement using the "Partnering Interaction Level" option if the interaction is "Propose" or "Get Married".

What does the Link To StoryProgression do?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Link]]

StoryProgression on its own has no control over autonomous social interactions which occur between sims being actively simulated by the game, namely those that are on the actively displayed lot.

Because of this, even if you have Romance scenario blocked between two sims in StoryProgression itself, it is still possible for the sims to perform romantic interactions on their own.

The link allows Woohooer to refer to the restrictions applied in StoryProgression, and block standing social interactions when they go against those rules.

You can disable the link for user-directed interactions by using "NRaas \ Woohooer \ General \ Check Story Progression For User-Directed".
  • Doing so will allow you to perform interactions that go against your StoryProgression settings, but still stop sims from autonomously performing interactions.

Or you can disable the link entirely using "NRaas \ Woohooer \ General \ Link To Story Progression".

How does Jealousy work in this mod?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Jealousy]]

The Jealousy system has been altered by this mod:
  • Romantic social interactions (excluding Woohoo) will now only affect sims in the same room
  • Woohoo jealousy now affects only those sims which satisfy the following conditions:
    • Are not asleep and do not have light sleeper trait (lovingly ripped off from DarkPool)
    • Are within one floor of the woohoo, if above ground
    • Are on the same floor of the woohoo, if below ground
    • Are not outside, while the woohoo is going on inside
    • Are not inside, while the woohoo is going on outside
  • You can alter the maximum intensity of woohoo jealousy by using the "Woohoo \ Jealousy Level"option.
    • A level of Low or Medium will have the same effect as EA Standard standing socials such as kissing
    • A level of High will produce the full onslaught of jealousy normally felt under the vanilla game

As of Phase Nine, this mod also alters the jealousy incurred from witnessing a romantic standing social interaction.
  • The same rule set used by the Woohoo jealousy is applied to standing social interactions as well, using trait-scoring to determine whether a sim gets jealous or not.
  • When your sim does get jealous, you can adjust the intensity of jealousy by using the "Romance \ Jealousy Level" option
  • To bypass this form of jealousy on a sim-by-sim basis, give all the involved the "No Jealousy" Lifetime Reward, available from World Adventures.
    • Doing so will halt all jealous reactions amongst those sims.

Does this mod allow multiple romantic partners?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Polyamory]]

No, the game's Core code does not provide the data structures needed to deal with multiple romantic partners.

Since the relationship data is used in many different parts of the game, overcoming that with a mod would entail a virtual rewrite of the entire game.
  • Any less than that would result in parts of the game not handling the data correctly, with the risk of data corruption.
  • So it is not possible to implement Polyamory/Polygamy in a reliable fashion using a pure scripting mod approach.

However, there is nothing stopping you from having multiple romantic interests.
  • Provide all parties with the "No Jealousy" lifetime want to stop jealousy from causing issues.
  • You can effectively have as single second "spouses" in this manner, though you can only have one official spouse

Side-note :
  • It has been noted that due to a design quirk in how EA handles town transitions, it is possible to be married to a different sim in each vacation world that you visit, provided you do not bring your spouse with you on the trip.
    • Essentially, you can have a spouse in every port-of-call.
  • It should be noted though, that you should ensure that each spouse remains in their separate world.
    • If you attempt to bring one back with you to the home-world, or take your home-world spouse with you on a trip, the results will be undefined.
    • End-user testing has noted discrepancies occurring in the long-term relationships amongst all three sims when they all appear in-game at the same time.

Does this mod allow teenage woohoo?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Teen]]

The mod is indeed capable of unlocking the ability to engage in teenage woohoo.
  • Unlock the ability using the "Woohoo \ Allow Teen Woohoo" option.
    • To change the setting, click on your active sim and navigate the menu : "NRaas \ Woohooer \ Woohoo \ Allow Teen Woohoo"
    • If you fail to change the setting, the menu entry will appear with a "One of the sims is a teenager!" tooltip
  • If you have Woohoo set to be autonomous, teenagers will also be able to engage in autonomous woohoo as well.

User-Directed "Risky" and "Try For Baby" is automatically unlocked by changing "Allow Teen Woohoo"

Note that you in order for two unrelated teenagers to share the same bed, you must have a mod that bypasses the EA bed-sharing restrictions.
  • A mod such as SleepFreedom will do so, provided you replace the bed with one that is handled by the mod (any non-downloaded bed will do)

How does Woohooer handle Teen-Adult relations?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#TeenAdult]]

This mod is capable of unlocking the standing social interactions between teenage and adult aged sims.
  • By default "Romance \ Allow Teen-Adult Romance" is enabled
  • To enable woohoo, you must enable "Woohoo \ Allow Teen Woohoo", and then "Woohoo \ Allow Teen-Adult Woohoo"

Note however that EA Standard conflicts with this type of relationship, and vigorously attempts to reset such relations back to being "Friends".
  • To combat this effect, the mod will continuously reset the long-term relationship between your two sims whenever the Core decides to switch it to a "valid" level.
    • These changes are new as of Phase Nine of the mod. If you are using an earlier Phase you may notice issues maintaining the relationship.
  • You may notice that the liking value may fluctuate during this correction.
  • Note: This protection may stop external processes from changing the relationship between your sims.

Warning : Do not attempt to circumvent Awesome's teen-adult restrictions using this mod.
  • - MistahIncognito MistahIncognito verified that the Core-Mod will exit the application (and possibly crash in the process), if you attempt to bypass it's pedo-bait ruleset using a separate mod.

How does Attraction work in this mod?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Attraction]]

As of Patch 1.42, this mod uses the new EA Attraction scoring system to ensure that the results you receive from the Core interface match up with the results you receive from the mod itself.

The attraction trait scoring attempts to define a numeric value for the attractiveness of a sim. The scoring includes the following components :
  • Trait matching between the two sims involved, with mutual traits receiving positive scores, and conflicting traits receiving negative
  • Age. Sims closer in age will receive a higher score
  • Favorites and Zodiac. Matching favorites and a compatible zodiac will improve a score
  • Sim which are rich, have a high career level, are considered higher scoring
  • Sims who fall into the center of weight, or high in fitness will receive positive scores
  • Long-Term relationship and being partnered are also considered in a score

These values are tabulated and a numeric score is created. This value can be seen during the "Matchmaker" interaction at the Day Spa, or while using the "Scan Room" interaction. You can also use the "Consider Attractiveness" friendly standing social interaction to receive a generalized result.

Note that attraction is no longer asymmetric under the EA ruleset. Both sims share the same attraction value now.

If you find that the attraction scoring is too negative for your tastes, you can change the "Romance \ Species \ Attraction Base Chance Scoring" option to increase the number of postive results.

How do I increase the occurrence of autonomous woohoo?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Autonomy]]

Woohooer itself does not push autonomous interactions, it merely alters the "Test" conditions and blocks autonomy based on certain criteria.
  • Because of this, autonomy is at the whim of the Core system, which has its own scoring system that deals with need fulfillment.

To improve the chances of autonomous woohoo occurring between two sims :
  • Reduce the number of Fun satisfying objects that you have on your lot.
    • The fewer choices a sim has the greater the chance they will choose to woohoo instead.

  • Ensure that you have the "Woohoo \ Species \ Autonomous WooHoo" enabled
  • Ensure that the "Woohoo \ Species \ Liking Gate For Autonomous" is set to a value lower than the long-term relationship between your two sims.
    • "0" is the middle of the relationship bar, "-100" is the far left, and "100" is the far right.
  • Ensure that the "Woohoo \ Species \ WooHoo Base Chance Scoring" is set to a positive value.
    • Higher values in this option will overwhelm the trait-scoring, increasing the chance that the two sims will want to woohoo.
  • Ensure that the "Woohoo \ Interaction Level" is set to a choice that includes your two sims.
  • Ensure that the "Scoring \ Species \ Attraction Base Chance Scoring" is positive.
    • Higher values in this option will overwhelm the trait-scoring, increasing the chance that the two sims will find the other attractive.

My sims seem to woohoo constantly, how do I get them to stop?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Less Autonomy]]

So your sims are being overly energetic, so much so that it is deterring from doing anything else ?
  • Set the "Woohoo \ Species \ WooHoo Count Score Factor" to a more negative number.
    • Each time your sim engages in woohoo this value will decrease the chance that they will be interested in doing so again.
    • At the end of the sim-day, the tally is adjusted down, allowing the sim to engage in more woohoo again.
  • Change the "Woohoo \ Species \ WooHoo Base Chance Scoring" to a more negative number.
    • When testing to see whether a sim wants to engage in woohoo, they roll a chance out of "100".
    • The chance is the "Base Chance Scoring" + any trait-scoring value the sim calculates.
    • If this value is always over "100", this roll will always succeed, so entering a more negative number will decrease the odds the sim will be interested in performing the interaction.

Note if things get wildly out of control, you can always simply turn off "Woohoo \ Species \ Autonomous WooHoo" and disable the functionality altogether.

How do the Privacy settings work?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Privacy]]

This mod controls the privacy situation surrounding the various woohoo interactions.
  • If you are looking for privacy control over bathrooms, you seek Shooless.

To assess privacy requirements, the mod does the following :
  1. If "General \ Enforce Privacy" is "True", privacy is always enforced
    • This is the EA Standard approach of shooing anyone out of the room prior to engaging in woohoo
  2. If "Scoring \ Trait Scored Privacy" is "True", privacy is governed by trait-scoring
    • Sims that are shy will want privacy, while braver sims won't mind an audience
    • Note that both sims are tested, and if either require privacy, then it will be provided.
    • The "Scoring \ Privacy Base Chance Scoring" determines the starting value for scoring.
      • Enter a higher value for more privacy, and a lower value for less privacy
  3. If both options are "False", then no privacy is required under any circumstances

What is Rendezvous?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Rendezvous]]

The "Discreet Rendezvous" interaction available via the Day Spa is included in the Kama Simtra module.
  • When used, the mod will offer to hook you up with a like-minded sim for some intimate rabbithole woohoo.

Rendezvous offers a safe and private means to engage in woohoo activities.
  • The fee you pay goes to maintaining the various specialty suites, which offer the ability to engage in any woohoo location available in your game.
  • The choice of location is random, so you may need to try a couple of times to receive the one you are looking for.

Any sim that has the "Enroll in Rendezvous" option enabled can be listed in the available choices, provided they have at least one skill level in Kama Simtra.
  • Note that only one sim from each skill level will be listed at any one time.
  • If you wish to refresh the list, simply exit the interaction and try again.
  • The gender of the sim's displayed is based on your sim's gender preference.
    • If you would like both genders to be listed, use MasterController Cheats' "Intermediate \ Gender Preference" to make your sim bi-sexual.

You can manually enable the "Enroll" on any sim in town via the "Woohooer \ Enroll in Rendezvous" available in that sim's menu.
  • Note that the sim must have at least one level in Kama Simtra skill for the interaction to appear.

If your Rendezvous partner is registered as a professional, you will need to pay their fee as well, over and above the administration fee paid to the Day Spa.

What is Register as a Professional?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Professional]]

Once you achieve a certain level of skill in Kama Simtra, you can register for Professional status via the Computer.
  • Once done, each time you woohoo with a sim outside of your household, they will pay a fee for your services.

Those funds are transferred from their family funds into yours, so if your target does not have sufficient funds, you will not get paid anything.
  • It is advised that you ensure that the sim is not in debt if you want to make a living as a Professional.

You will be able to ask for higher fees from your clients as you increase in your Kama Simtra Renown.

What is Order Professional Services?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#OrderProfessionalServices]]

A scaled version of SimsList is now available for all your lonely Sims needs. Open for suggestions and expansion if popular.

  • Allows one to order services from any Sim in the neighborhood registered as a professional.
  • The interactions are only available at night. Professionals on SimsList don't work in the day.
  • The random interaction will prompt you for your budget and send over the best professional it can find within your budget.
    • Pay up if you want the best.
    • Will not necessarily charge you the full amount you enter. The professional will take their fee when they arrive.
  • The non-random interaction allows you to pick a professional to your liking but costs a bit more. The fee listed is what you will pay.
  • The professional should arrive shortly after your selection and rumor has it they cut right to the chase.
    • Should they complain about the woohoo you have caste settings (disable link to StoryProgression) or settings in woohooer blocking the interaction.
    • Recommended settings are:
      • General / Link to StoryProgression / False
      • General / Species / Human / Must be Romantic for Autonomous / False
      • Woohoo / Species / Human / Liking Gate for Autonomous / 0
  • This feature can have a high failure rate in worlds with large populations.
    • The mod will attempt to push the professional to the lot 5 times before giving up.
    • It will then attempt to push woohoo on the client up to 7 times before giving up.

What is Renown?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Renown]]

Renown is a numeric value that defines your capability as a Kama Simtra artist. Every time you increase in skill level, or complete one of the various challenges available your renown will increase.

A higher renown will improve the moodlet score granted for positive experiences, and increase the fee you are able to garner as a Professional.

Positive Experiences? Moodlets? What is that about?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Moodlets]]

After engaging in woohoo, the mod will apply moodlets based on various scoring parameters, granting both positive and negative moods depending on how your sim felt about the experience.

The base-mod has a number of different moodlets available (in both positive and negative versions). Which moodlet your sim receives is based on their traits.
  • Voyeur / Embarassment
  • Worry about skill
  • Likes / Dislikes Risky
  • Monogamy / Adultery
  • Friends with Benefits
  • One Night Stand

Kama Simtra extends this and includes additional moodlets, based on the skill of the sim. The higher the skill, the more likely the sim will receive a positive moodlet at the end. Note that it may take the sim a lot of practice before they are able to satisfy their partner consistently.

Once your sim reaches Level 3 in the skill, they are capable of providing a "Satisfying" moodlet to you partner.
  • The chance of satisfaction is based on "Kama Simtra \ Base Satisfaction Chance" , a bonus for each level of skill you have, and any positive bonuses you receive from completed challenges.

If the encounter did not roll as satisfying, there is a chance that your partner will receive a "Disappointed" moodlet.
  • The chance of disappointment is based on "Kama Simtra \ Base Disappointment Chance" , a reduction for each level of skill you have, and any negative "bonuses" you may receive from completed or uncompleted challenges.
  • Chance of disappointment is cut in half if you have woohooed with the sim in the past.

Note that "Satisfaction" and "Disappointment" moodlets are applied to your partner.
  • So you may receive a disappointing moodlet even if you have a high skill level, provided your partner is inexperienced.
  • You should never have both the "Satisfying" and "Disappointed" moodlet at the same time.

What is Tantraport?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Tantraport]]

When your sim achieves a very high rank in the Kama Simtra skill, they gain an ability to "Tantraport". This mystic ability allows them to teleport themselves to the lot of any romantic interest (with the exception of service sims).

The level at which this power is unlocked is configured with the "Kama Simtra \ Tantraport: Minimum Level" option.

How does the Occultist challenge differ from Monster Masher?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Occultist]]

Monster Masher requires that you woohoo with every occult type a specific number of times.
  • For instance: So you need to woohoo with a ghost five times, a vampire five times, a werewolf five times, etc.
  • Note that only those occult whose expansion pack you have installed are required to fulfill the challenge.

Occultist requires that you woohoo with any occult type a specific number of times.
  • So, you could woohoo with the same occult type as many times as required, provided the woohoo is distinct (different sim, location, style).
  • Or woohoo with many different occult, and satisfy both challenges at the same time.

What are the various occults you must woohoo with to complete the Monster Masher challenge?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#MonsterMasher]]

The required occults depend on which expansion packs you have installed.
  • The more you have installed, the large number of occults you must collect to complete the challenge

The Occults:
  1. Alien - Seasons
  2. Fairy - Supernatural
  3. Genie - Showtime
  4. Ghost - (any type)
  5. Grim Reaper
  6. Imaginary Friend - Generations
  7. Mummy - World Adventures
  8. Plantsim - University
  9. Simbot - Ambitions
  10. Vampire - Late Night or Supernatural
  11. Werewolf - Supernatural
  12. Witch - Supernatural
  13. Zombie - Supernatural

How do I disable autonomous cyberwoohoo?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#cyberwoohoo]]

  • Navigate to NRaas > Woohooer > Woohoo > Valid Location > Computer
  • Set it to False

What are some of the actions that can be unlocked under the setting "Unlock Actions for Teenagers"?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#UnlockActions]]

  • Harvest Plant Sim
  • Play Juice Pong
  • Take Romantic Self Photo With

How Do I Control Flirting Between Married Sims & Unmarried Sims?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Flirting]]

Follow the three steps below:-

1. Allow married sims to flirt only with their spouses:
  • Click on the City Hall building or MapTag or any computer
  • Select: NRaas > Woohooer > Romance > Interaction Level: Married > Spouse

2. Allow sims in steady relationships to flirt only with other sims in steady relationships or unmarried sims:
  • Click on the City Hall building or Map Tag or any computer
  • Select: NRaas > Woohooer > Romance > Interaction Level: Steady > Any Romantic

3. Allow unmarried sims to flirt only with other unmarried sims & sims in steady relationships:
  • Click on the City Hall building or Map Tag or any computer
  • Select: NRaas > Woohooer > Romance > Interaction Level: Romance > Any Romantic

If you want sims in steady relationships to flirt only with their partners, replace step 2 with the following:-

2. Allow sims in steady relationships to flirt only with the partner they are in a steady relationship with:
  • Click on the City Hall Building or Map Tag or any computer
  • Select: NRaas > Woohooer > Romance > Interaction Level: Steady > Partner

Note: Leaving any of these options on the default setting of "Default" will allow all sims to flirt with all other sims regardless of whether they are married, in steady relationships or unmarried.

Does this mod help with pets woohooing without us making them do it?

anchor: [[Woohooer FAQ#Pets]]

By default, all species' relationships must be at a "Romantic Interest" or greater relationship level in order for autonomous woohoo to take place. If you wish for pets (cats, dogs and horses) to ignore this rule, you'll need to change these options to false, as follows:-

Navigate to: NRaas > Woohooer > General >
  • Species: Cat > Must Be Romantic For Autonomous > False
  • Species: Dog > Must Be Romantic For Autonomous > False
  • Species: Horse > Must Be Romantic For Autonomous > False