This mod is intended to be run using Woohooer Phase Thirteen, see Patch Level Compatibility.


This is a custom skill to facilitate tracking of woohooing. It provides a series of optional challenges that can be completed for improved post woohoo moodlets.

Settings for this mod are listed under "Kama Simtra" in the Woohooer menu.

There is an additional interaction called "Woohoo: Register as Professional" added to in-game computers (previously on phones) for the purposes of registering for payment.

This is an optional component for Woohooer, and as such you must have the base-mod installed for this mod to work properly.


A full listing of all interactions and details regarding their use are available here : Interactions

A list of enhancements under consideration is available here : The List

A list of known issues is available here : Issues


This mod can be translated. Translation pages are available here : Localization


As always, ensure that you backup your save files prior to installation of this mod. As Murphy said: If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.


Revision Notes can be found here : Revision Notes


Instructions on how to install these files are available here : How to Install

Developer note: Ensure that you are running the latest posted version of the base-mod whenever you update this module.

This mod is XML tunable. Optional tuning packages are available here : Tuning

The base-mod is available here : Woohooer Phase Thirteen