Version 129:
  • - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Convince To... Dance With should now be available after being broken by the mod.
  • Unlocked Engineer Baby With and Customize Baby DNA for non-future worlds. Also unlocked for teens and overstuffed households.
  • Lowered the number of attempts the mod pushes professionals on clients if woohoo keeps failing (KS)
  • Added in code to actually call the alarm that keeps trying to pull professionals to lots if they forget to come the first time. (KS)
  • Fix for script error in ServiceData:GoToLotSuccessEx (KS)
  • Inactive residents who order services shouldn't bother you to pick who provides the services anymore. They will wager 2% of their available funds on their own. (KS)
  • Cats and dogs are no longer automatic masters of the Grave Digger or Monster Masher challenges. They now have to woohoo with a ghost to get them. (KS)
  • - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts:
  • Updated to be compatible with Woohooer Eiffel Tower module V125 and above.
  • Pregnant sims are now permitted to snorkel ONLY if they had a snorkeling outfit defined for them from before their pregnancy to prevent them from being reset when attempting to snorkel without one. Warning: snorkeling in a non-maternity enabled swimsuit may cause temporary loss of pregnancy tummy, though this is strictly visual and does not affect the actual pregnancy.
  • Interactions should now survive post-load. (Eiffel Tower)
  • Please make sure you have the latest version of the tower from MTS when updating the Eiffel Tower module.

Version 128 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Relationship/attraction system should no longer have a meltdown when one Sim is selectable but out of town.
  • Now with working multiple births when giving birth at home in over stuffed...homes.
  • Updated Russian translation

Version 127 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Settings should import without error about the woohooty text setting.
  • Mermaid hydration should fill when they are the target of a shower woohoo.
  • Restored EA routing of shower woohoo. The actor will now wait in place till the target gets in the shower.
    • Helpful for small bathrooms where the interaction often resulted in route failure.
  • Added Computer / "Order Professional Services" (KamaSimstra)
  • Added Computer / "Order Professional Services (Random)" (KamaSimtra)
  • Hid the Skill Level adjustment feature as it was broken anyhow. (KamaSimtra)
  • Sims will no longer woohoo in objects that aren't in the world.
  • Teen/adult rendezvous are now enabled pending you have teen woohoo enabled. (KamaSimtra)
  • The daily relationship decline for high ranking professionals now respect the presences of the Long Distance Friend LTR and the Super Friendly charisma challenge. (KamaSimtra)
  • Added KamaSimtra/Seed Service Pool With Professionals (default false) which will make some of the service Sims professionals for seeding the Order Professional Services feature. (KamaSimtra)
  • Added a prompt when you have "Woohoo / Replace with risky" set to false and use the woohooty text or order professional services that allows you to decide if you'd like to use risky woohoo.
    • Warning: cooties and babies.
  • Updated Taiwanese translation (KamaSimtra)

Version 124 (Eiffel Tower): - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts

Version 126: - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Fix for script error when exporting the Autonomous Woohooty Text setting.
  • Fix for the smiting I did to alien birth while fixing the birth freezing.
  • Fix for the chimes playing when impregnated with Risky Woohoo.
    • This also was ignoring the Pregnancy Same-Sex First Choice setting which I also fixed.
  • Updated Taiwanese translation

Version 125 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • Added "WooHoo \ Human \ Autonomous WooHooty Text", default false
    • Once enabled, it now checks the "Woohoo Cooldown" setting and the Sims gender preference against the other Sim before deciding to send the text as further attempt to control the beast. (Previously only did this when the invite was being considered)
  • Enabled teens to use the WooHooty Text interaction
  • WooHooty Text no longer checks for a bed on the lot but for any WooHooable object instead. This doesn't mean you can use it on community lots, just Sims homes who have no double beds.
  • Disabling the Eiffel Tower as a valid woohoo location no longer disables rabbit hole woohoo.
  • Updated Russian base-mod translation

Version 124 - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction:
  • The TimeTraveler is no longer a requirement of the Kama Simtra Monster Masher Challenge because he is not romantically interactable. The Unicorn is no longer a requirement either because that's just weird. The requirement is now 15 occults with all 11 EPs. Bonehilda excluded.
  • Fix for the game freezing when an inactive gives birth.

Version 123: - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts

Version 122: - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Sims no longer rapidly shower when using the "The Ele-Gante G-Class Shower" (Pets), "Misty Touch Shower" (Master Suite), "Penultimate Deluxe" (Island Paradise), "Spring Serenity Shower" (Seasons), "Glass Libertine Shower by Modern Arcology" (Into The Future) showers. Thanks to - babele44 babele44 for testing.
  • New feature: Woohooty text's have been fully integrated into Woohooer. You can send texts to Sims in town and they will accept depending on your woohooer settings. Have fun - Playfulalice Playfulalice
    Note you will need version 20 of RelationshipPanel for the option to unlock for non-romantic couples when clicking a Sim on the Relationship panel.

Version 119 (Sauna Module): - Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction
  • Sims no longer freeze when using the sauna to sit or woohoo. (discussion)

Version 121
  • Fixed an issue with the coding to handle compatibility with external tuning mods
  • The "Allow Foreplay" no longer applies to robots
  • Potential fix for a script error in "HaveBabyHome:Cleanup"

Version 120
  • "Ask Sign" and "Ask if Single" no longer appear under both the "Friendly" and "Romantic" menus
    • Where the interactions are listed is now controlled by "Show Interactions Under Romance" option
    • Note tuning mods which alter the interactions to "Friendly" disable this functionality
  • Fixed the "Always On" social interactions accidentally hidden in the previous version

Version 119
  • Robots are no longer considered related for the purposes of romance, to better follow EA Standard
  • Fixed the "Future Descendant" check for romance
  • Coding added to ensure that a sim is visible after woohooing in the Time Portal
  • "Ask Sign" and "Ask If Single" are now standard social interactions, rather than active topics
    • This will ensure they always appear under their appropriate sim menu, and work properly for Teen-Adult

Version 118
  • Updated to Patch 1.63 compatibility
  • Fixed an issue where "Wardrobe Woohoo" was not broadcasting its woohoo style properly
  • Custom replacement of "Make Simbot" interaction moved to Mover
  • The check for StoryProgression's marriage ruleset moved lower into the code to gate more interactions
  • Changes made to the "Positively Orgasmic" check coding to use a more robust rule-set check
  • Fixed an error where the "Get In" for hot tubs was missing for teens when the "Allow Skinny Dip" was disabled
  • Fixed the Expansion Pack check for the "All In One Bathroom" woohoo
  • Robot-Human woohoo is now allowed for User-Directed if the "Capacity To Love" chip is installed
  • Potential fix for an EA issue where the "Have Baby" repeats continuously
  • Bot Making Station Woohoo replaced with custom interactions
  • Added "Woohoo" interactions to the Time Portal
  • Worldly challenge now includes the University and Future Worlds if you have those packs installed
  • Added "Risky" and "Try For Baby" interactions for "Jetpack Woohoo"
  • Updated scoring to include the Unstable trait

Version 117
  • Removed the anti-stacking code from the Snorkel interaction
  • "Ask Sign" is now only altered if it is an Amorous interaction (for compatibility with other tuning mods)
  • Fixed the Autonomous nature of "Enroll in Rendezvous" and "Register as a Professional" (KamaSimtra)
  • Fixed an error where the "Enrol in Rendezvous" and "Register As Professional" would end up as autonomous (KamaSimtra)
  • Changes made to KamaSimtra:Import to eliminate a script error
  • Fixed a script error in "HotAirBalloonSit:Run" (HotAirBalloon)
  • Fixed the "Valid Location" check for "Resort" woohoo
  • Moved the "Allow Plantsim Pregnancy" to the "Try For Baby" listing

Version 116
  • Disabled "Foreplay" for the Cave Woohoo interaction
  • Replaced the "Hot Tub Get Out" interaction with one that should stop the error regarding the temporary stereo
  • Fixed the "Export Settings" of the Species specific options

Version 114
  • Added a missing "Try For Baby" test in the Box Of Mystery interaction
  • Replaced the Cave woohoo interaction with a custom version
  • Added "Valid Location \ Deep Sea Cave" default: True

Version 113
  • Replaced the Resort Tower Woohoo interaction with a custom version
  • Added "Valid Locations \ Resort" default: True

Version 112
  • Potential fix for a script error in "CommonSkinnyDip:CanSkinnyDipAtLocation"
  • Potential fix for a script error in "Pool:SkinnyDippersReactToTeenOrBelow"
  • Bypassed the "Visually Pregnant" check in the skinny dip interaction
  • Disabled the skinny dip interaction on oceans, as there is no way to implement it properly via this mod
  • Updated Spanish Translation

Version 111
  • The Teen "Risky" Chance should now appear in the menu if a teen is the active sim, rather than the Adult chance
  • Fixed the use of both "Risky Baby Success Rate: Teen" and "Try For Baby Success Rate: Teen"

Version 110
  • Fixed the Snorkel interaction
  • Fixed a script error in the Massage Table menu (MassageTable)
  • Updated French Translation

Version 109
  • Silenced a loadup log that appeared once Island Paradise was installed
  • Fixed an issue with the "Skinny Dip" interaction on the hot tub
  • Fixed the "Skinny Dip" interaction for pools
  • Replaced the "Snorkel" interaction with one that does not have a bizarre block against using the interaction in Twinbrook, Moonlight Falls, and Lunar Lakes
  • Better handling of teen hot tub skinny dipping
  • Proper handling of teen skinny dipping in pools
  • Fixed the StoryProgression check used by "Try For Baby"
  • Added "Irresistible" and "SociallyAwkward" traits to the scoring package (Scoring)

Version 108
  • Jealousy broadcasters in the following interactions now use the custom ruleset
    • "CuddleSeatedMakeOut", "CuddleRelaxingKiss", "CuddleRelaxingMakeOut", "CuddleRelaxingVibrate"
    • "CuddleSeatedKiss", "StartBedCuddleA", "StartSaunaSeatedCuddleA"
  • The "Romance: Allow" option is now checked for user-directed interactions, gated by the new settings
  • The system that links the mods together is now initialized quicker
  • Autonomous "Try For Baby" interactions now check "Pregnancy: Allow Participation" in StoryProgression
  • Potential fix for a script error in "CyberWoohoo:LoopDel" (KamaSimtra)
  • Fixed "Play Juice Pong"
  • Removed the hard-check for pregnancy from "Pour Juice"
  • The High Jealousy broadcaster now checks "Romance: Allow Breakup"
  • Added "Plantsim" and "Mermaid" to the occult types notched by Kama Simtra
  • Replaced the Hot Air Balloon Woohoo interactions with custom versions (HotAirBalloon)
  • Replaced the "Proposal" interaction on the Hot Air Balloon with one that allows teens (HotAirBalloon)
  • Added "Valid Locations \ Hot Air Balloon" default: True
  • Added "Valid Locations \ All In One Bathroom" default: True
  • Added a "Get In With" interaction to the Hot Air Balloon, because it is a nuisance to coordinate two sims
  • Replaced the Massage Table interaction with one that uses the custom ruleset (MassageTable)
  • Added "Naked Outfit \ Massage Table" default: False
    • Applicable to romantic massages only
  • The massage table now uses Swimwear, rather than Sleepwear for the default outfit (MassageTable)

Version 107
  • "Check Story Progression for User-Directed" is now properly hidden when "Link To Story Progression" is disabled
  • Added "Remove Romance On Kiss" default: False
  • Fixed an error where the check for "Link To Story Progression" was inverted
  • Added "Woohoo \ Allow Zombie" default: True
  • "Allow PlantSim Pregnancy" now actually does something
  • Attraction is now zeroed out on the next recalculation, if the family relationship or age/gender no longer allows for romance between the couple
  • Added increased debugging to track down a reported lag issue

Version 106
  • StoryProgression check for whether two sims can be romantic now include woohoo interactions
  • Woohoo interactions no longer persist references to sim descriptions between saves
  • Trait Scoring now operates more reliably, which should include the User-Directed approach as well
  • Removed the "Greater Than Eight" block in "Harvest Plant Sim", and enabled teens if "Allow Teen Actions" is enabled
  • Removed the block against teenagers in "Take Romantic Self Photo" and added a "Allow Teen Actions" check
  • Removed the "Invisible Sim" death type from the Kama Simtra requirement list as it appears to be unused by EA
  • Fixed the translation of "ScanRoom:Failure"
  • Added "General \ Link To Story Progression" default: True
  • Added "General \ Check Story Progression For User-Directed" default: True
  • Added "General \ Unlock Teen Actions" default: False
  • Replaced the test on "Play Juice Pong" to allow for teenagers
  • Fixed the Teen-Adult relationship control system
  • Added "Woohoo \ Allow PlantSim Pregnancy" default: False
  • Hooks to StoryProgression "Allow Marriage" and "Allow Partner"
  • The custom cell phone interactions have been moved to the computer menu
  • Added "Woohoo" interactions to the LLAMA object
  • Added "Valid Locations \ LLAMA" default: True
  • Added "Naked Outfit \ LLAMA" default: False
  • Added "Naked Outfit \ Leaf Pile" default: False
  • Added "Naked Outfit \ Hay Stack" default: False
  • The sequencing of the "Sit" interactions for sauna woohoo has been made more reliable (Sauna)
  • The sequencing of the "Get In" interaction for hot tub woohoo has been made more reliable
  • Hot tub Woohoo now works properly if the target is already in the hot tub
  • "Photo Booth" woohoo now unlocked for University
  • Fixed the usage of "LikeRisky" scoring being used by Kama Simtra when the Scoring package is not installed
  • Replaced "Ask To Join Skinny Dipping" with one that checks "Allow Teen Skinny Dipping"
  • Removed an obsolete Expansion pack check in several Hot Tub interaction replacements

Version 105
  • Fixed an error where stripping the gender preference check off the Juiced interactions made autonomy a little awkward
  • Fixed a problem where StoryProgression blocks were not included in the Juiced interactions

Version 104
  • Showers placed outdoors no longer enforce privacy during woohoo
  • Switching into a family which has unselectable sims will no longer fire an error in "UpdateAttractionControllers"
  • Fixed an error where plantsim pregnancies initiated by the mod did not use the "Forbidden Fruit" object
  • Fixed the "CanGetRomantic" test for several of the interactions
  • "Ask About Gender Preference" no longer appears under "Romantic" between non-romantic capable sims
  • "Confess to Watching You While You Sleep" moved to "Friendly" menu as it is a friendly interaction
  • Fixed the Initiator/Target order for the following woohoo interactions:
    • Box Stall, Gypsy Caravan, Wardrobe
  • The mod no longer attempts to impregnate the other sim if the first sim checked is already pregnant
  • Interactions for the new university rabbitholes replaced with custom interactions

Version 103
  • Fixed the workaround used to disable EA "Can Be Romantic" checks for woohoo interactions

Version 102
  • Updated to Patch 1.50 Compatibility
  • Fixed an error where "Monogamous" scoring was being using by KamaSimtra whether you had that scoring installed or not
  • Fixed an error where the Installed packs were checked when determining whether to display an interaction on an object
    • Since the object is there, obviously one does not have to test to see whether it is installed
  • "Trait Scoring For User Directed" has been moved to a debugging option
  • Replaced the following standing social test with the custom ruleset:
    • All "Juiced" interactions
    • "Kiss and Make up"
    • "Spicy Woohoo"
  • Replaced "TestCanSketchTargetNude" with one that allows teens if the Allow Teen Woohoo" is enabled
  • The result of the "Spicy Woohoo" standing social has been replaced with a custom version
  • All eligible locations are now shown in the Kama Simtra stats, so you can tell which ones you may be missing for challenge requirements
  • "Ask To Protect" and "Ask To Be Protected" moved out of the "Romantic" menu and into "Friendly" where they should actually belong
    • This way they will not make the "Romantic" menu appear between relatives and such
  • Elevator Woohoo no long checks trait scoring if you do not have it installed
  • Fixed a problem where Tents and Igloos were not being accounted properly in Kama Simtra
  • "Use EA Rule-Set For Woohoo" should now actually work as intended, rather than not doing anything at all
  • Enabled all the ITUN "Allow" options for the slave interaction used during "Haystack" and "Leaf Pile" woohoo
    • It was indeed disabled for use on community lots

Version 101
  • Potential fix for the a script error in "PushWoohoo:OnPerform"
  • "Allow Affair" hooks altered to handle new StoryProgression changes
  • Fixed an error where if a father was hard-reset during a pregnancy, the newborns would not use his genetics, nor have the family tree attached properly

Version 100
  • Fixed the interaction injection system
  • Sims already traditionally pregnant will no longer have that pregnancy ended during an alien birth, running at the same time
  • Fixed the appearance of the "Woohoo!" interactions when a leaf-pile is still small
  • Fix for an issue with the Leaf Pile woohoo not working properly

Version 99
  • "Slow Dance" is now unlocked based on the mod's custom ruleset
    • While in that code, I altered the romance rules governing autonomous dancing for the other choices as well
    • Note I cannot get rid of the EA Standard greyed out menu option, just ignore it
  • The mod now fires the "Had Baby" event for alien pregnancies, used to fulfil wishes and inform StoryProgression of a new birth
  • Fixed a problem where the user was prompted to specify the traits for any alien birth in town, active or inactive

Version 98
  • Attraction notices are no longer displayed if the sims are not actually in the same room
  • Fixed the privacy situation used by the Outdoor Shower
  • Fix for a problem where the "Human" occult was not being counted in the Kama Simtra stats
  • Fixed the tuning for the secondary interaction used during Hay Stack and Leaf Pile woohoo

Version 97
  • Fixed the privacy situation for the shower woohoo interaction
  • Fixed the Gypsy Caravan woohoo stats so it lists the correct location for both sims
  • Attraction Controllers are now recalibrated immediately after changing "Romance \ Interaction Level"
    • Previously it would take up to a sim-day for them to refresh to the new settings
  • Fixed a script error regarding Alien pregnancies
  • "Naked Bed Woohoo" and "Change Outfits For Bed Woohoo" no longer apply to objects placed outside
  • Fixed an error in the gender preference adjuster for active sims where it was WAY out of control
  • Custom "Woohoo!" interaction are now immediately applied to newly constructed igloos

Version 96
  • Non-Alien Male Pregnancies broken by Seasons have been fixed by the mod
  • The outfit switching system used when a sim changes rooms now handles outerwear properly
  • Updated Russian translation

Version 95
  • The "Romance \ Interaction Level" options now explicitly gate whether the NPC Controller is activated for an attraction
    • Active NPC controllers are what dictate date phone calls, gifts, and love letters
    • Changes only come into effect the next time you switch households or the attraction is recalculated

Version 94
  • AttractionNPCBehaviorController coding is now relegated to use by active sims only
    • When the active family is switched, the coding is enabled and disabled as needed (something which was missing from EA coding apparently)
  • The "Base Attraction Chance Scoring" entry is now back in use
    • Note the value is only applied when the attraction is recalculated by the mod (once a sim-day if already set)
  • Re-added attraction scoring based on difference in age-stage (greater the difference, the lower the score)
  • Re-added attraction scoring based on matching favorites (at 50% the score value for Zodiac matching)
  • "Consider Attractiveness", "Scan Room", and "Match Maker" now force an immediate recalculation of attraction

Version 93
  • Adjusted the scoring routine so the "We have so much in common" notice appears if the mod calculates the score prior to EA

Version 92
  • Updated to Patch 1.42 Compatibility
  • Moved the "Progression Denied" check after the age and gender checks so it no longer appears at inappropriate times
  • Recoded "Male Have Baby" to not prompted you for a name if the pregnant sim was inactive
  • Replaced the "Leaf Pile", and "Igloo" woohoo interactions with custom versions
  • Replaced the "Attraction" scoring used by this mod with the one performed by EA
    • The scoring is actually suspiciously similar to the mod's original implementation
    • The numbers you see during "Scan Room", "Consider Attractiveness", and "Match Maker" are the EA calculated values now
  • Removed "Gauge Attraction" since EA Attraction is symmetric (both sims share the same attraction value)
  • Changed EA Attraction to add a couple of scoring elements that I felt were missing
  • Changed EA Attraction to recalculate once a sim-day, rather than being permanently set as whatever value you received when the two sims first met

Version 91
  • Potential fix for a script error in "HaveBabyHospitalEx:InRabbitHole"
  • Another attempt at correcting the error in "HaveBabyHomeEx:Cleanup"
  • Moved the "Romance \ Interaction Level" checks to better location in code, one which should actually work to stop the interactions
  • Fixed a duplicate key in use by the "Export Settings" system
  • The <kFullMoonImprovedBabyChance> EA tuning is no longer used if you do not have Supernatural installed
  • Added corrective code to reapply a fairies wings if they vanished during their stay in a fairy house
  • Silenced a ResetException in "EnterRelaxingEx:Run"
  • The mod no longer chooses outdoor showers as woohoo locations
  • Wardrobe and Haystack woohoo now work properly for teens
  • Split the check that determines whether a sim sleeps after woohoo, so each sim can do something different

Version 90
  • Fixed the translation for "Ghost" in the kama simtra statistics
  • Fixed an error in the required Skill Points tuning

Version 89
  • The foreplay interaction is now disabled when woohooing with a zombie (since they cannot perform the interaction)
  • Fixed a script error caused by the mother of a pregnancy getting hibernated during birth
  • By the power of Fairy magic, non-Fairies can join in Woohoo interactions with their Fairy friends
    • At least one in the coupling must be a fairy for this to work
  • Updated Polish base-mod translation

Version 88
  • Fixed a typo in one of the translation keys used by "Ask About Age"
  • Fixed a script error during birth when the dad was not available
  • Fixed an issue where the Generations reputation system would spit out a notice everytime a teen-adult relationship was autocorrected
  • Changes to "TestAskToProm" are now gated by the existence of Generations, stopping a load-log
  • Fixed an error when a sim has quadruplets using the Hospital interaction
  • Removed Bonehilda from the Monster Masher challenge, as the sim cannot be interacted with
  • Updated Dutch base-mod translation

Version 87
  • Fixed the "Tour Arboretum" interaction name
  • Kama Simtra now tracks the type of ghost you couple with, and lists them under Occult
  • Added the "Grave Robber" challenge
  • The scoring system no longer spits out a load-log if you do not have Kama Simtra installed
  • Updated the scoring package to include the new Supernatural traits
  • Updated Portuguese Kama Simtra Translation
  • Fixed the "Woohoo" interaction in the Sauna module, so it did not initiate a pregnancy

Version 86
  • Updated to Supernatural compatibility
  • Fixed a problem with the transaction used by "Professionals" where it did not work properly against service sims
  • Fixed the link to StoryProgression regarding "Allow Breakup" and "Accuse of Cheating"
  • Having "Replace With Risky" enabled will now properly count all "Woohoo!" actions as Risky in Kama Simtra
  • Fixed an issue where having "Test All Conditions For User-Directed" enabled would disable user-directed Teen "Try For Baby"
  • "TestAskToProm" is now replaced with a custom version that handles "Near Relation" options
    • Note that the Prom Situation has its own blocks against adults, so such is still blocked in the custom check
  • Coding added to use StoryProgression's "Allow Affair" to gate romantic interactions with non-partners
  • Replaced "Box Of Mystery" woohoo interactions
  • Changed the debugging tooltip for Hot Tub Woohoo to say "Not In Hot Tub" when the interaction is disabled
    • This was the most likely source of the "Def_TestFailed" tooltip that has been perplexing me for a while
  • Simplified the buff booter coding to use EA Standard store loading coding
  • Fixed the Haystack interactions, where the EA Standard interactions were still being listed on the object
  • The Greet socials are no longer altered by the mod
  • Kama Simtra Fidelity stats are now properly exported
  • Sims should no longer choose autonomous Woohoo interactions while on the World Lot
  • Woohoo interactions should no longer appear while cuddling on the couch
  • Fixed an issue where woohooing was not sending the proper messages to complete the "Have First Woohoo With Sim" wish
  • Added hook for use by Vector to differentiate between risky and normal woohoo
  • Moved the "Offer To Turn Real" from this mod to Mover
  • Standing social jealousy is now controlled by this mod's rule set
  • Fixed an issue with gaining romance visibilty points during social interactions, required for Faithful reputations
  • Added future hook to StoryProgression's "Allow Romance" to gate autonomous romantic interactions
  • When randomly choosing the woohoo location for simulated encounters, the mod now checks only the actor's home lot, rather than everywhere in town
  • Added a "WoohooerSauna" module to handle the Sunlit Tides Sauna
  • Added "Valid Location \ Sauna" default: True
  • Added "Naked Outfit \ Sauna Sitting" default: False
  • Added "Naked Outfit \ Sauna Woohoo" default: False
  • The Sit interaction on the Sauna now uses the "Naked Outfit" option to decide the outfit to switch into
  • "Kama Simtra" now counts all occult types for the target, rather than just the first one it finds
  • Added "Woohoo \ Woohoo Recharge Rate" default: 5
  • Added "Valid Location \ Wardrobe" default: True
  • Added "Naked Outfit \ Wardrobe" default: False
  • Added "Valid Location \ Gypsy Caravan" default: True
  • Added "Try For Baby \ Human \ Chance of Quadruplets" default: 0.0001
  • Added "Kama Simtra \ Show Notices" default: False (Kama Simtra)
  • Added "Risky \ Human \ Risky Baby Success Rate: Teen" default: 10
  • Added "Try For Baby \ Human \ Try For Baby Success Rate: Teen" default: 75
  • Added "Woohoo \ Human \ WooHoo Base Chance Scoring: Teen" default: 50
  • Added "Risky \ Human \ Risky Base Chance Scoring: Teen" default: 25
  • Added "Try For Baby \ Human \ Try For Baby Base Chance Scoring: Teen" default: 0
  • Autonomous "Try For Baby" is now disabled while the sim has one of the "It's A Boy/Girl/Twins/Triplets/Quadruplets" moodlets
  • Added "Woohoo \ Cooldown Between Woohoos" default: 60
  • Added "Scoring \ Matchmaker Only Lists Residents" default: False
  • Added "Romance \ Jealousy Level" default: Medium
  • Added "Woohoo \ Jealousy Level" default: High
  • Added "Cyber Woohoo \ Base Chance Scoring" default: 0 (Kama Simtra)
  • Added "Kama Simtra \ Base Positive Moodlet Length" default: 60 (Kama Simtra)
  • Added "Romance \ Interaction Level: Romance " default: Default
  • Added "Romance \ Interaction Level: Steady" default: Default
  • Added "Romance \ Interaction Level: Married" default: Default
  • Added a "Friedly \ Ask About Age" social interaction
  • Reading Romance or Trashy novels now provides a moodlet
  • Added "Woohoo \ Change Outfits for Bed Woohoo" default: True
  • Added "Woohoo \ Use EA Rule-Set For Woohoo" default: False
  • Added "General \ Show Interactions Under Romance" default: False
  • Added "General \ Change Clothing On Room Exit" default: True
  • Added a column to the Matchmaker listing with some details as to the sim
  • Added "Kama Simtra \ Tantraport: Minimum Level" default: 8
  • Added "Try For Baby \ Maximum Occupants For User-Directed": default: 0
  • Added "Monster Masher" Kama Simtra challenge
  • Added "Valid Location \ Fairy House" default: True
  • Another try at retaining the proper romantic relationship between adults and teenagers
  • Fixed woohooing in combo rabbitholes

Version 85
  • Updated coding to include Genie changes to the "Pregnancy:GetNumForBirth" coding
    • This also includes a fix for an EA error when the father is no longer available in town
  • Added the EA block against "Try For Baby" with the Lamp Genie into my coding
  • Updated coding to include Genie changes to the chance of "Try For Baby" success
  • Applying after-Woohoo buffs and the "Need Privacy" check now properly handle the absence of Woohooer Scoring
  • Switching rooms no longer changes a sim's outfit if the sim has a "Take Shower" interaction queued
  • PhotoBooth Woohoo has now been replaced by the mod, and is now accounted for in KamaSimtra
  • Updated Scoring package to include ShowTime traits

Version 84
  • Update to Patch 1.31 Compatibility (there was a mislink in there somewhere, just not sure where)
  • Replaced the "Enter Relax" interaction with a custom version, so it doesn't bounce due to "Bed Relax" now being non-autonomous
  • Sims now switch in their naked outfit prior to getting onto bed
  • "Autonomous Female-Female Try For Baby" and "Autonomous Male-Male Try For Baby" are now visible if "Test All Restrictions For User-Directed" is enabled
    • The two options are now used to restrict selections when the other option is enabled
  • Added a "WoohooRechargeRate" debugging option
  • Sims are now forced to exit the bed after woohoo if they are not the owner

Version 83
  • Sims will no longer choose to immediately sleep after a woohoo, if the bed is owned by someone else
  • Fixed a script error when the father of a pregnancy is missing, and the Tourist household has not yet been initialized
  • Beds being used by a third sim are no longer considered valid woohoo locations
  • Autonomous woohoo object interactions now only consider targets in the same room as the actor sim
    • This does not include standing social interactions which still operate on a lot basis
  • Set the "Bed Relax" interaction to disallow autonomous, after finding it was being added and dropped from the sim's queue for no particular reason
    • Keep an eye out for the absence of autonomous relaxing on the bed, separate of woohoo interactions. I'm not sure whether I might have disabled that as well.
  • The "Watch The Stars" interaction is now set as autonomous
    • This will stop the standing social that keeps pushing it from failing every time
  • Removed several unnecessary pregnancy chime entries from the Haystack, Pet House, and Box Stall interactions

Version 82
  • Fixed the Prom call corrections so they operate properly
  • Another day, another attempt at the "flashing bed" syndrome
  • "Count Score" for each sim is now persisted between saves
  • Whether a sim needs to switch back into clothes after a "Naked Woohoo" is now persisted between saves

Version 81
  • Fixed the random woohoo location system used by Kama Simtra, when StoryProgression simulates a woohoo
  • Corrected the coding added in Version 80 so it actually works properly

Version 80
  • Changed the woohoo interactions to only test the chance roll once for each sim, to stop it from autonomously queuing the interaction and later finding no choices

Version 79
  • Fixed a caching problem regarding the "Score Count Factor" (it was not supposed to be cached at all)
  • Sims in steady relationships no longer get a free pass when testing scoring
  • Changed the woohoo scoring from Absolute to Chance
    • This will dramatically reduce the number of autonomous woohoos performed.
  • Corrected the "Worldly" Description, so it displayed the proper value, rather than the number of worlds necessary
  • Removed the "Homeworld" requirement from the "Worldly" challenge. There are no foreign stats stored for that world, making it impossible to satisfy.
  • Default value for "Score Count Factor" upped to "-5"

Version 78
  • "Allow Autonomous On Community Lots" now works properly
  • "Offer Stallion As Stud", "Breed Mare", and "Buy Horse" updated to include Patch 1.29 Test changes
  • Added a minor change to the Hay Stack Woohoo added by the Patch 1.29 stopping sims from woohooing alone
  • Fixed the "Worldy" challenge completion requirements
  • Unlocked "Announce Engagement", "Announce Pregnancy", "Divorce", "Cancel Wedding", "Accuse of Cheating" for teenagers
  • Added debugging tooltips to the "Matchmaker" interaction
  • Fixed an issue with the autonomous selection of woohoo partners that was blocking all woohoo object interactions
  • Autonomous Cyber Woohoo no longer runs if there no choices in town

Version 77
  • Fixed the debugging for the Woohoo object interactions
  • "Cyber Woohoo" and "Discreet Rendezvous" no longer fire disgrace messages
  • Fixed an error in "Have Baby" when the father of a pregnancy is missing
  • Fix for an issue regarding "Attraction" scoring notices appearing when KamaSimtra was installed but the Scoring was not
  • Added a couple of missing debugging tooltips to the "Woohoo!" interaction

Version 76
  • Added "Apply Buffs After Woohoo" check to the Cyberwoohoo interaction
  • The choice to run "Risky" or "Try For Baby" on a visibly pregnant sim is now properly hidden
  • 2011-DEC-03 Updated Taiwanese Translation

Version 75
  • Silenced an EA script error being dumped by the "Cleanup" portion of "Have Baby" and "Have Litter"
  • "Have Baby" will now handle foreign fathers from Traveler worlds properly
  • "Test All Conditions" will no longer display a tooltip if the sim is not yet visibly pregnant
  • "Restrict Teen Marriage" no longer disables the adult marriage test
  • Adjusted the debugging tooltips to provide more comprehensive results when clicking on objects
  • Updated German Kama Simtra Translation
  • Updated Italian Translation
  • Added Korean base-mod Translation

Version 71
  • Kama Simtra Skill now properly imports and exports
  • Added a delegate hook CommonPregnancy.sGetChanceOfSuccess, to allow third-party alteration of the pregnancy success rate
  • Coding added to stop both sims from getting pregnant during "Box Stall Try For Baby"
  • "Ask to Stay Over" unlocked for teen-adult relations
  • Fixed the "Visit" and "Visit With" interactions on the rabbitholes that do not normally have them
  • Fixed a problem where the "Woohoo!" interactions did not work properly for little dogs
  • Removed the unicorn block from "Sell Horse" interaction
  • Removed the household size restriction from "Buy Horse" interaction
  • Removed the unicorn block from "Offer Stallion As Stud"
  • Added "Use Fertility Treatment in Risky Chance" default: True
  • Added "Use Fertility Treatment in Try For Baby Chance" default: True
  • Added "Pregnancy Same-Sex First Choice" - "Target then Initiator"
  • Added "Matchmaker Cost" default: 500
  • Fixed the notices fired by the Matchmaker interaction
  • Added "Valid Location \ Haystack" default: True
  • Added "Valid Location \ Pet House" default: True
  • Added "Valid Location \ Horse Stall" default: True
  • Added "Valid Location \ Computer" default: True
  • Added "Risque" challenge
  • Added "Man Eater" challenge
  • Removed "General \ Liking Gate For Autonomous"
  • Added "Romance \ Liking Gate For Autonomous" default: 0
  • Added "Woohoo \ Liking Gate For Autonomous" default: 40
  • Added "Kama Simtra \ Base Satisfication Chance" default: 0
  • Added "Kama Simtra \ Base Disappointment Chance" default: 0
  • Added "Try For Baby \ Test All Restrictions For User-Directed" default: False
  • Added "Kama Simtra \ Show Register As Professional" default: True
  • Added "Discreet Rendezvous" interaction to the Spa
  • Added "Enroll in Rendezvous" to the Phone
  • Added "Rendezvous \ Rendezvous Wait Period" default: 60
  • Added "Rendezvous \ Rendezvous Duration" default: 60
  • Added "Rendezvous \ Add Random Rendezvous Moodlet" default: True
  • Added "Rendezvous \ Show Rendezvous Interactions" default: True
  • Added "Random CyberWoohoo" to the computer
  • Added "Kama Simtra \ Show CyberWoohoo Interaction" default: True
  • Added "Woohoo \ Force Pet Mating" default: True
  • Added "Scoring \ Woohoo Count Score Factor" default: -2
  • Added "Risky \ Show Risky Chance In Menu" default: True
  • Added "Risky \ Same-Sex Pregancy Choice" default: Either
  • Added "Kama Simtra \ Register as Professional: Skill Level" default: 1
  • Added "Allow Active Autonomous On Community Lots" default: True
  • Added "General \ Switch To Everyday After Naked Woohoo" default: False
  • Added "Risky \ Allow Autonomous Off Active Lot" default: True
  • Added "Try For Baby \ Allow Autonomous Off Active Lot" default: True
  • "Lets Go On a Date" social interaction should now be unlocked using this mod's custom rule set
  • Added "Romance \ Partnering Interaction Level" default: Default
  • Added "Romance \ Allow Teen Marriage Only If Existing Offspring" default: False
  • Added "Cyber Junkie" challenge
  • Added "Kama Simtra \ Skill Points"
  • Weddings performed via the Arch should now work properly in all conditions

Version 69
  • Fixed the interaction prompt for the "Fresh Meat" option
  • Enhanced the debugging in "Shower Woohoo" to track down an obscure error
  • Added debugging notices to "Try For Baby" to show the failure reasons (if any)
  • "Convince To" now unlocked for vampires regardless of venue
  • Romantic "Convince To" now properly checks whether the sim's can be romantic
  • Fixed the "Offer to Make Real" interaction so it works properly in overstuffed households
  • Added debugging tooltips to "Propose Go Steady"
  • Removed the "Autonomous" hard block from "Propose Marriage" (you still require a tuning mod to unlock the interaction for autonomous)
  • Updated French base-mod Translation

Version 68
  • Added checks for broken objects when choosing a woohoo location
  • Added missing "Journeyman" challenge
  • The mod no longer spits out a load log when the user does not have Generations installed
  • Added a couple of missing debugging tooltips, used when attempting to determine why the interactions are not appearing
  • Changed default for "Test Gender Preference for User Directed" to "False" (The default only affects new games)
  • Removed the "Allow Teen Move" option accidentally left in the last version
  • Added Finnish base-mod Translation

Version 59
  • Fixed the duplicate "Move" interaction in the phone menu
  • The "Gauge" and "Check" interactions are now gemder tramslatable
  • Sims that cannot change their outfits will no longer switch into Naked during woohoo
  • Simbots will no longer choose the hot tub as a valid woohoo location
  • The Woohoo interaction for the Elevator should no longer cause a script error in the StoryProgression map tag system
  • Adjusted the "Near Relation" bypass to work the same as the Adult-Teen approach, which should provide better results with the standing socials
  • Updated German Translation

Version 58
  • Fixed the polyamorous jealousy check that SimmerDown corrected noted was inverted
  • 2011-APR-03 Added Base-Mod Hungarian Translation
  • 2011-APR-09 Updated Portuguese Translation