This mod is intended to be run on Patch (1.63 - 1.67), see Patch Level Compatibility.

This is a new module for the Woohooer mod with edits by the NRaas Community. Requires Woohooer v127b or above

Version 127a - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts:
  • Added restrictions so that the interactions won't show up on Toilet Stalls in rooms inaccessible to the Sim, specifically if the stall is in a room with only gender-specific doors, which is usually the case for most community lot restrooms in the game.
  • Foreplay is now automatically skipped when sims choose the Make Out interaction (seemed unnecessary).

Version 127 - icarus_allsorts icarus_allsorts:
  • Sims can now Make Out and Woohoo in Toilet Stalls.
  • Requires Woohooer v127b or above

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