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Creator Notes (Ani)

I first had the idea of making this mod way back in 2005 when I was playing Brandi Broke in The Sims 2 and thought how great it would be if she could earn some extra cash with some specific activities. Unfortunately, I was so SimPEly challenged that I never even managed to add an interaction menu to any item no matter how many step-by-step tutorials I did. Fortunately though, modding The Sims 3 is much easier, so here you go.

This was not an easy mod to do. I thought it would be because it was the opposite to Dexter - I wasn't inventing anything new, just using existing things. Surprisingly, I was very wrong and this was as hard, if not harder, than Dex. This mod is a clone of the decorative "Orchid Plant" which adds interactions to any double bed. It will not override the original plant as it is a stand alone object. All double beds affected will still work as normal double beds but will also have a few more options.

In my game, I have this plant in two locations. One in the rundown Windfall Motel in my town (a community lot) where I have a few freelancers working the streets and one in my Bordello (a residential lot) where I have one madam and two ladies.

How do I use this mod?

  1. Place the cloned object "The Working Sim's Bed Controller" (Orchid Plant) in a room with a double bed.
  2. Click on the Orchid Plant and select "Set Bed Interactions". This will inject the interactions into the bed.
  3. Click on the bed then "Select The Solicitor" (Correct spelling should be Soliciter) to select the sim to be paid.
  4. Click on the bed again then "Select The Client" to select the sim who will pay for the service.
  5. Click on the bed again then "WooHoo For Money" to initiate the Woohoo interaction. The active sim will go and relax on the bed. They will then call the other sim to join them.
  6. Use the "List Participants" interaction to show the selected sims in a notification at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  7. A notification will state how much the sim selected as The Soliciter has been paid.
  8. You can either play as the Client or the Soliciter but the active sim must be one of the active parties when you select "WooHoo For Money".

What about the Pay, Moodlets and Effects?

  • The base pay is 45 simoleans multiplied by the Soliciter's charisma skill (if it's greater than 1). So to earn more money, you need to improve your charisma skill.
  • The Client will get the "Pumped" moodlet lasting for one day.
  • If the Soliciter has the traits "Never Nude" or "Good", they will get an "Embarrassed From Being Naked" moodlet lasting one day. If they woohoo again while the embarrassed moodlet is active, the remaining time from the old embarrassed moodlet is added to the new one.
  • If the Client has either the "Stressed" or "Overworked" moodlets, they will be removed.
  • Woohooing will increase the fun and social of the Client but this depends on the skill of the Soliciter. If the Soliciter's charisma is less or equal to 7, the increase is 20 points. Charisma skill of 8 or 9, will increase fun and social by 40 points and a 10 charisma skill will max both needs. Note: This is only for the Client. The Soliciter will not get any extra moodlets or increase in fun or social, beyond the normal woohoo need increase.
  • The amount a sim earns as a Young Adult will be halved when they become an Adult. This is to encourage keeping the product fresh. So an unskilled worker, who earnt 45 simoleons as a Young Adult, will earn 22 simoleons after becoming an Adult.

What are the consequences?

  • There is a 10% chance that the woohoo interaction will be a "Try For Baby" interaction.
  • There is a 20% chance that the participants may receive an STD. The STD is an "Itchy From Lover" moodlet lasting two days. Woohooing for money while this is active will cause the STD to spread to the other participant if they don't have it already. Or if they have it already, the remaining time from the first STD will be added to the new one.

Is there anything else I should know?

  • All normal social checks have been removed from this mod. As long as the participants are teens or above, anything goes. So if your sim wants to woohoo their own teenage daughter, they can. The morality of this object is down to user discretion.
  • You can woohoo complete strangers - a previous relationship with them is not required. As sims refuse to relax on a bed when they are not friends with the other person though, the mod will increase their relationship until they are relaxing and then return it to the original value. This, of course, means if your sim has the wish to be friends with the other sim, the wish will be fulfilled but take it as an extra boost for the woohoo.
  • This mod does not alter jealousy, so if you woohoo while your lover/girlfriend/wife/whoever is in the next room, you are on your own.

Can this mod be tuned?

If you wish to change Ani's spelling, choice of words or her moodlet values, there is the option to tweak the mod to your own liking.

To change the text
  1. Install S3PE and open the package with it
  2. Select the STBL file that your game runs in and press "Edit STBL"
  3. Change the words, press save in the STBL editor and then again in S3PE

To change the values
  1. Open the package in S3PE
  2. Right-click the "WooHooForMoneyConfig" xml file and select the "Notepad" option
  3. Ignore the empty tags and only modify the filled ones.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  4. Press save in the STBL editor and then again in S3PE

Tag Explanation
  • pay
    • The base fee for your sim
  • skill
    • What skill to improve if you want higher pay
    • 0 = Body, 1 = Charisma
  • std
    • The percentage chance of catching an STD
    • Enter 0 to disable
  • preg
    • The percentage chance of becoming pregnant
    • Enter 0 to disable
  • tpreg
    • Whether teens or elders can become pregnant. If this setting is "false" both parties are checked to see whether they are Young Adult or Adult. This means a teen boy will not be able to impregnate a Young Adult or Adult woman.
    • Important Note: Only set this to "True" if you have a mod that supports teen/elder pregnancies, otherwise your sims will be unable to give birth.
  • moodlets
    • Set to "false" if you don't want to receive the "Pumped" or "Embarrassed" moodlets