Workout Costs Money

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How it works?

This mod listens to two events that are triggered when Sims work out kStoppedWorkingOut and kSwimming.
If the Sim is using the bench, the treadmill, a TV or the stereo, they pay for the workout when they stop using the equipment.
So if a Sim first uses the treadmill and then the bench, he will pay after he finishes with the treadmill and after he finishes with the bench, the amount of time he used working out doesn't matter.

For swimming you pay according to how long you swim. The kSwimming event is triggered about every 15 minutes you are swimming. The event is the same that satisfies the "went swimming" want. So if you swim for 5 minutes, you pay nothing, if you swim for 30 minutes you pay 60§.

If the lot is owned by another Sim, the money earned from working out will go to the lot owner.
If a Sim doesn't have enough money, the amount is added to his next bill.

Modding the mod!

If you want to change the workout prices, you can do it by modifying the WorkOutConfig.xml file inside the package using s3pe. There are two values, <workoutfee> and <swimfee>.

Default Prices:
  • Workout: 150§
  • Swimming: 30§