The worlds listed below are recommended by members who have downloaded and played these worlds. However, what works for one person may not work for another, so make sure to back up your game files before installing any of these worlds.

Small Worlds

For more small worlds see Empty Worlds and Worlds Without Roads below.

Castle Island by Volvenom
Castle Island is a small community around a big fortress. I have made the mountain and the nature, the rest is up to you.

Fhrhond Glacier by bakafox
A small northern island. Great for building a winter vacation destination. Not Populated

Archipelago Bay by BluebellFlora
Archipelago Bay has no roads or paths ensuring nice smooth gameplay. This world has empty lots, except for the Diving Spot, for you to add your own beautiful Lots. It is fully landscaped, decorated and painted.
Commercial lots 12 - Residential 16 - Not Populated

Mariners Reach by Johnnywr
This is a small island world created BEFORE the release of IP so dive lots are not included.
The world is beautiful and perfect for a retirement setting or a get away from it all vacation.
There are no schools for children, no offices for adults but plenty of clubs and bars to hang out at.

Laguna Coast by My Sims Realty
Empty world with 61 lots.
CAW files are available for download.
This world is setup to be half city with a wharf area and then a small town with swamp on the other side.
Other empty worlds are available at this site.

Evansdale County by My Sims Realty
This world has 85 lots. The expanded version has 117.
Tropical world with custom lighting from Monte Vista. This world includes all rabbit holes. There are several parks, fishing spots, beaches and base game lots such as a library and gym. You will find several clubs that can accommodate events from Showtime, as well as a java hut, pet store and an arcade. There are all lot types from Pets and Ambitions. This world is not flagged as a city so it will spawn wildlife.
Creator Note: The new expanded version of Evansdale has a new ID so you do not need to uninstall the smaller version - you can have both! This version adds several lots and reconfigured lots in the farming area to have some larger lots. There are therefore new lots to explore and enjoy. It also adds small islands - they are not hidden by fog however. This version still requires Island Paradise.

Paradise by Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher
There are 4 Community lots and 3 Residential lots. One small family could live here. 3 families could live here for a bit of life.
This island has all Common seed spawners and some uncommon, but no rare. It has all base game bug spawners, but not all base game butterfly spawners. More spawners can always be added.
Great little island get-away for vacation home or shipwreck challenge.

Cladbridge-on-Stowe by doublemedion694
Cladbridge-on-Stowe is a small, english farming village full of history, beauty and peaceful country living.
More pictures and details are available at The Sims 3 Forum. An optional Save Game file is also available to populate the world.
Commercial Lots:44 -Residential Lots :44 - Occupied Lots: 0 - Number of Residents: 0

Fharhond Glacier by bakafox
A small, windswept Arctic island with a mountain, a glacier and a research station on the ice.
Requires: Pets (but can be loaded without it, although some rabbit holes, objects and plants will need replacing)
Residential Lots: 20, All Rabbitholes from Basegame and Pets included, Number of Residents: 0

Medium Worlds

Salmon Woods at My Sims Realty
"This beautiful, rustic world is a medium sized fishing village built around a large lake. There are several ponds, fishing areas and scenic wooded areas. This world has so much to do, including staying in two fine resorts, a fun family friendly arcade, and lots of places to fish!" Also features plenty of empty lots of all sizes. Houses and Community Lots are nicely furnished.

Aluna Island V4 at Sim Supply
This world has all the base game rabbit holes that are required for your sims to be able to work, go to school and shop.
It has seed, gem, fish and beetle spawners around the world for you to collect whatever you need.
It has 70 lots, most of which have unique landscapes.
There are absolutely no houses, or community lots (other than rabbit holes) in this release.
There are no sims living in the world by default.

Enekjaer Island by Fager Sims
Enekjaer is a Scandinavian world on a medium map and has 55 lots; 19 residential lots, 21 community lots and 15 blank lots for expansion.
It has most of the rabbit holes and the community lots.
The world is easy to re-design to your liking.
Includes dive spots, a hidden island and ports.

Winchester Farming Community by My Sims Realty
With rolling farmlands, dirt roads and a little red schoolhouse, you will want to download this world. Don't think though, that your sims will be lacking in nightlife opportunities, as this world also has several clubs and bars to enjoy that blend in with the rustic charm. The CAW files have been made available.
Special Note by Creator: Please note some rabbit holes are buried in the basements of various lots. These are noted in the description of each lot. If you do not want them in the basement, we recommend Jynx's Rabbit Hole Rugs and the Equestrian Center Door by Hexameter. There are a variety of mods that we enjoy at NRaas Industries that may enhance your gameplay as well, such as mods that stop certain types of traffic and that.

Yume No Shima by BehroLukasCZ
Yume No Shima was originally hosted at Custom Sims 3. To view the world, pictures are available at My Sims3 Blog
The download for this world (link above) is now at The Sims 3 Exchange.
Beautiful flat island world with rabbit holes and some spawners.
Commercial Lots: 47 - Residential Lots: 57 - Occupied Lots: 0 - Number of Residents: 0

Blue Bay by Mammut at Blacky's Sims Zoo
Unpopulated - Flat World
Blue Bay World medium size - Has all rabbit holes necessary for the town including a cemetery, small park and 1 starter house, all with original Maxis objects.
Plenty of lots of ALL sizes to build on are available.

Harmony by Magic_Dancer
The main area is the Big City surrounded by foggy swamp lands, a slice of farm country life, a windy mountain road, a touch of snow peaked mountains and never forget, the Desert of Nowhere.
Commercial Lots: 63 - Residential Lots : 55 - Occupied Lots: 8 - Number of Residents: 18

South Islands World at Sims Dels
The archipelago of tropical islands hides a lot of interesting places and puzzles.
You can discover new lands, meet the ruins of ancient cities and dive among the great coral reefs or visit the port city of Agave, the largest of the islands.
Not populated but has furnished lots and Rabbit Holes

Brynmr by Sims On A Rope
Island World World with lots of spawners and empty lots of all sizes. Easy to Add or Change existing lots. . also easy to place lots "off the beaten path"

Northeney by Norn

German Version / English Version
Roadless island world with a strong North Sea feeling to it. Beautiful large dunes and a quaint little seaside town. Fully built, ready to play.
Offers almost all career rabbitholes and spawners. Excellent to play a vacation there (basecamp, resort) but also for regular gameplay.
Number of community lots: 51, - Residental lots 26. Unpopulated, but a populated savegame is available.

More Small to Medium Island Worlds
Some of these worlds have not been play tested.

Large Worlds

Storybrook County by My Sims Realty
This world also has additional lots available for download
City or a quiet rural lifestyle. Choose between either Storybrook City or just the quaint town of Storybrook. Each side of this world offers plenty of housing and open lots to accommodate your favorites.
The original version of the world has 130 lots. The 4th version and up has 153 lots.
Also Available: Original Lite version - completely empty for building! and Original Lite version CAW files - available

Glenvale City by Rflong7
World details can be viewed by clicking on the link above to The Sims 3 Exchange

Glenvale County by Rflong 7
World details can be viewed by clicking on the link above to The Sims 3 Exchange

Fairhaven City by Monsoon Creations
Unpopulated but includes a download with saved game to make the world populated
Also has some great decor transportation

Plav Raj by Nilxis Designs (New version)
Plav Raj (blue paradise in Croatian) is a village located on the Croatian coast, in a privileged environment where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, historic places and have a totally Mediterranean lifestyle.

Number of Residential Lots: 34 - Community Number of Lots: 51
Rabbit Holes/Community Lots: All except Into the Future lots and some Late Night clubs.
Spawners: All Base Game

Setra by Pyronium3
Modern Egyptian seaside city with sprawling suburbs and surrounding sandy hills.
Lots: 131- Residential: 82 - Community: 49 - Empty: 18- Rabbit Holes: All
Sims: 92 and Pets: 24
Spawners: All base game ones + expansion spawners. No World Adventures spawners.

Rflong7's Beach City
There is more detail and screen shots of this beautiful world on this page
198 lots - Spawners and Rabbitholes
Not Populated but files are available for population
The Sims 3 Beach City Description: Large sea-side city with sprawling suburbs, resorts, swamps, farms, industrial district, military community, mountains and forests.
Custom Content: None
Store Content: Lots (see Rflong7′s post to see which items).

Hope Springs by Meadow9259
The link above is to the world description, pictures and requirements. To download the world, click HERE

Twin Rivers by Meadow9259
Twin Rivers is a bustling, yet still laid back, suburb located at the convergence of the Simlon and Timlan rivers. Not quite rural living and not quite city living. Offering the best of both worlds with a full array of businesses, entertainment venues, parks and plenty of open space.
Commercial Lots: 27 - Residential Lots : 82 - Occupied Lots: 0
Number of Residents: 0

Sunset Island By ScarletQueenKat
Sunset Valley transformed into a beautiful island for Island Paradise. Three newly opened areas. More beaches. Plenty of room to add the necessary lots from previous and future EPs.
Commercial Lots 58 - Residential 70 - Occupied Lots 36 - Residents 95
There is also an updated version of this world: Version 2
The Original Version Of Sunset Valley Redux is HERE

Legacy Island3 by Rflong7
Populated World - 76 Commercial Lots - 87 Residential Lots - 70 Residents
Includes a World Adventures Tomb, Docks, Hidden Islands, Beaches, Swamp and Main Spawners

Hollyweird - A Better Bridgeport by Simsfan95173
A saved game file of an improved version of Bridgeport.

Saaqartoq by Nilxis
A quiet fishing town located on Greenland's coast surrounded by fjords, icebergs and glaciers. Absolutely stunning world with beautiful scenery, authentic Greenland architecture and wonderful attention to detail.
Community Lots: 43 - Residential: 30 - Residents: 49 (also available unpopulated) - Rabbitholes: All except some lots from Into the Future

Lago Simiore by Norn & Simszoo-Team at the Simszoo
A somewhat mediterranean themed world. The town is located at a lake and surrounded by mountains. Breathtaking scenery and lovingly detailed buildings. Features several parks, beaches, Late night bars, Showtime venues, culture venues and a base camp. All rabbitholes are included. Commercial lots - 56, Residental lots - 59, unpopulated.
No cc required, nor Stuff packs nor store. Requires all expansions.
(Free registration required for download)

Ellacharmed Fixes For EA Worlds

The above link redirects you to Ellacharmed's EA worlds with fixes. She has a status report on these fixes and links to download the .world file.
There is also an opportunity to leave her a comment and/or feedback. If you play any of her fixed worlds, please consider doing so. She updates these worlds and I'm sure would appreciate feedback.

Emptied Worlds

BYO Tropical Island by auntielynds NEW ADD
EA Worlds by Lea.Sikora at MTS
(Bridgeport, Moonlight Falls, Isla Paradiso and Appaloosa Plains)
Finnington World by Armiel at MTS
Medium sized island type world with plenty of room to build.
Bigger Builder Island World by QUBUILDERZ at MTS
Small world but holds much more than it appears to hold.
Brightwater by Simsontherope
Large World - empty, plenty of lots of all sizes.
Isola by Rflong7
Unpopulated. Great for a Castaway Challenge. Easily holds more lots.


Worlds Without Roads

These worlds work well using horses, subways or just walking to destinations. I have installed all worlds and did minimal play on them all. I have been playing Suvadiva, Tiny Island and Castaway Cove for several generations.
TIP: Keep in mind no roads no repairmen, firemen, carpools, school buses etc. (you well get notifications that the carpool, bus is on the way..they never show, LOL. The best part of these worlds other than providing a new fun way to play is there is no repo man or social workers (not that they ever showed)! Things do break so you might want to assign a sim as a self employed repairman!

Moon Valley Fairytale World by elle0808 NEW FIND
33 Commercial Lots and 34 Residential Lots Map Size 2048x2048
A Fairytale World. Pre-Seasons version. Tall mountains, rolling hills and a vast ocean surround a magical land of mysteries and adventure. The quaint village of Bumblemeade is the heart of this world, which also includes a royal palace, evil witch's castle, an enchanted forest and much more. Telephone boxes and dirt paths are the only means of travel across the land.

Castaway Cove Exchange by Faith_Andhope
Map Size: Small (512x512)
Commercial Lots 14 - Residental 17
Unpopulated and has some nicely furnished residential homes
Plenty of room to easily add many additional lots ! (I have this world installed and easily added about 15 additional small to medium lots) Dive Lots and Ports are easily added.

Suvadiva Resort by Nilxis Designs
Small World - Awesome vacation destination
Number of Residential Lots: 14 (3 are empty) - Number of Community Lots: 18
Rabbit Holes included: Island Paradise Resorts, Bistro and Grocery - Spawners: Only fish and butterflies
More Tiny Lots can be easily added in most cases whereever you want them

Tiny Island by KayPapagei Small World at the Exchange - Unpopulated
Great for castaway challenges
Don't let the size fool you. I started with the 4 Commercial lots and 7 Residential lots and was able to place close to 20 additional lots and it held a population of 110.

Arbor Vale - Large World and link to pictures and world detail
For Download: Get it Here At Media Fire
No Residential, Community or RH lots except for four fishing spots :
Let your Sims get back to nature down in the Vale. Equipped with no roads, no buildings, and no bathrooms (oh my!), your Sims will have to boost their creative skills in order to survive this scenic landscape. Fortunately the land is bountiful for those who know what to look for; as for those who don't, well, you couldn't have died in a more beautiful place!

Ziwa Bonde Large World by Nilxis Designs
Populated and Unpopulated downloads available.
Ziwa Bonde is a wild and remote place in the heart of Africa. Explore its savannas and jungles, look for hidden tresaures, climb volcanoes, etc. Meet the two tribes that live in this world and visit their villages. This is the perfect destination for the most adventurous sims! All this and much more, in Ziwa Bonde.
Need some wild animal decor to decorate? See The Deco Animal Links on the Camping Page.

Other Worlds

ITF Theme

Arcadia by Misty By Request Only. This is a remake of the Sims 3: Into The Future world, Oasis Landing, transformed into a home world, with a few variations.

Sanctuary by auntielynds (has not been player tested by Members)
Oasis Landing altered to be a home world. 44 empty lots added in various sizes. Populated. However, the Plumbots lost their Plumbot status. You can use master controller to set their occult status back to plumbot. The ZYPHER does not work in a home world, and there are no interactions at the Gallery Shop. The Into the Future EP Required.

Listing Of Worlds By Themes NEW FIND


The Sims3 Create A World site offers a large listing of all types of worlds by various creators. The site is easy to use and allows you to filter your world search, making it easy to find the specifications desired.

Other Recommended World Creators

My Sims Realty
Fager Sims
Nilxis Designs

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