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Creator's Notes
"The end of career rabbit holes is here! With Ultimate Careers, instead of going into a rabbit hole to work, sims will spend the workday at a community lot, doing work-related interactions - or slacking off. The mod scans the Sim's interaction queue and increases performance depending on which interactions are being used."

NRaas Notes
NRaas cannot take requests for changes or issues (instalment errors) with Zerbu's Ultimate Careers Mod itself. Please direct your request to Zerbu's own blog. The NRaas community can only offer some guidance in the usage of this mod.

General Notes
With Zerbu's Ultimate Careers Mod, you are able to assign an empty lot by just clicking on the lot's terrain. On occasion, this method of assigning the career to the lot fails to show up. To avoid this hassle, it's much easier to assign Zerbu's Ultimate Career to a building just by clicking on a piece of the wall but this requires you to spend some time in Edit Town\Build Mode to build and decorate your own Custom Career building to have an "active" and "lively" workplace. Alternatively, there are some career buildings already available to download from Simple Minded Sims.

1. What do I need?

1. The Ultimate Careers Mod Version 4.3.3 from either Zerbu's Blog or directly from Mediafire.

2. Custom Rabbithole Rug Replacements

3. List of Compatible Objects
  • From Zerbu's Blog
    • These are needed to increase work performance.

4. Optional Tuning Files
(Important: Only ONE tuning file from this section (parts (a) and (b) combined) may be installed.)

(a) Add one of the Ultimate Careers Tuning Packages from Zerbu's blog.
Note: The files at Zerbu's blog are no longer available for download as of the 15th December 2014. Alternative links are below:-

(b) Add an easier tuning file by Cinderellimouse: Ultimate Careers Tuning
  • This tuning file prevents a sims' job performance from decreasing and keeps it at a static level whenever they are not using the designated objects and/or are not on the designated Lot.

5. NRaas Mods

Install all of these in your "Mods\Packages" folder within The Sims 3 user directory (based on OS WIN: MyDocuments\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages).

2. Build your own Custom Rabbit Hole Careers building

Note: If you're using a pre-built Lot that you've downloaded from somewhere, you can skip this step and move straight to Step 3.

This section will show you how to incorporate the resources 2 and 3 from section 1 within a building. Naturally, this part is very time consuming making a building from scratch.
You could use a residential house and clear all objects and then place the compatible career objects into the building. Or use a Showtime building (i.e. Mick's Karaoke Place), just make sure you change the lot type to "No Visitors Allowed" or "Visitors Allowed".

First, a few tips on building your own career workplace from scratch:

1: Plan in advance which "active" Custom Rabbit Hole Career you want in your town:
  • For which Rabbit Hole career do you want an "active" workplace?
  • How big does the lot size need to be?
  • Which objects are needed for that career? See this list

2: Start building your ideal workplace for that Career:
  • Make sure you have a basement (for placement of the Rabbithole Rug)
    • It's your choice where you want to place it, but it's easier to have it in a basement
  • How many floors do you want the workplace to have?
  • Make separate rooms and place the compatible objects in them or make a large open workplace.

We are going to show you what we have done with a Custom Zerbu's High School and its compatible objects and hopefully, this will give you an idea of what is involved with Zerbu's Ultimate Careers Mod.

The interior:
Zerbu_Career_School_Basement.jpg Zerbu_Career_School_1stFloor.jpg

1st Floor
  1. Rabbit Hole School Rug needs to be
    placed in a 6x9 room with 2 tiles of free
    space on both sides and 2 tiles of free
    space in the back. See (*) below.
  2. Decorative: Locker room and bathroom for
    boys and girls.
  3. Zerbu's High School and Career Education
  • Gym equipment
    (High School: work/skill-performance)

  1. Decorative: Restrooms for boys and girls.
  2. Decorative: Principal Office.
  3. Decorative: General Canteen.
  4. Zerbu's High School and Career Education Objects:
  • Computer (Career Education: work/skill-performance)
  • Whiteboard
    (High School and Career Education: work/skill-performance)
  • Easel (High School: work/skill-performance)
  • Chemistry Lab (High School: work/skill-performance)
  • Outside Gym Equipment
    (High School: work/skill-performance)
Zerbu_Career_School_2ndFloor.jpg Zerbu_Career_School_3rdFloor.jpg
2nd Floor

3rd Floor
  1. Decorative: Self Study Area
  2. Zerbu's High School and Career
    Education Objects:
  • Skill & Recipe books
    (High School: work/skill-performance)
  • Science Station
    (High School: work/skill-performance)
  • Musical Instruments
    (High School: work/skill-performance)
  • Whiteboard
    (High School and Career Education: work/

  1. Decorative: Balcony
  2. Zerbu's High School and Career Education Objects:
  • Dance Floor
    (High School: work/skill-performance)
  • Telescope
    (High School: work/skill-performance)
  • Podium
    (High School and Career Education: work/skill-performance)

(*) With these rugs, the standard EA Rabbitholes become obsolete and can be removed from your game. Inactives will identify the rug as the entrance to the EA Standard Career Rabbithole and move accordingly to the rug as if they were entering the building (depends on the placement of the rug). You will still be able to see the School Rabbithole map tag from Map View:

It's not necessary to have the Rabbithole Rug inside the building itself, but it is necessary to have either the EA Rabbithole Buildings or the Replacement Rabbithole Rugs somewhere in your world. The reason is, the game can only identify a career when having such an object in your town. Without any, the careers in your town become unavailable.

Your Input
Making a building from scratch can consume a lot of time. If you'd like to share any of your constructions, please create a thread in here with the following details:-
  • Some screenshots (if possible) of the building (upload on tumblr/Photobucket or any other image sharing site)
  • Details of Custom/Store Content and EA packs objects used for compatibility purposes
  • The building itself (Sims3Pack or Package File which you can share via Mediafire, Dropbox or any other free file sharing site on the web)

3. Assigning the Zerbu's Career to the building

After you have built your own custom building and added the objects compatible with Zerbu's Ultimate Careers mod, or are using a pre-built, downloaded building, you can now assign it for use as Zerbu's High School and Zerbu's Education Career.

Note: You must follow these steps in order to assign the Ultimate Careers Mod to the building, otherwise your sims will still disappear into the Rabbithole Rug.

To assign the building as a High School, click on the wall of the building and follow these slides:-
At step 4, click on "More..." to find the "High School".

For the Education Career, you'll need to follow the same steps as above, but instead of "High School" (at step 5) find "Education" and click on it.

From the start of a game, sims in the age stage of child and beyond will be pushed to the nearest Rabbitholes for their careers based on trait scoring or already assigned Lifetime Wish (Children to Elementary School and Teens to High School). Sims might not go to the rugs you've placed into the world that you are about to use for assigning the careers to a building.

Best practice for successfully assigning sims towards Zerbu's Careers is to play an unpopulated world as follows:-

1. Start a Game.
2. Go directly into Edit Town mode (without choosing a household).
3. Design and build your constructions or place them into the world, if you have already built them.
4. Replace EA's Rabbithole Buildings with the Custom Rabbithole Rugs.
5. Go back to Setup Menu and place your active household from the Bin into Town.
6. Let the game load and pause the game when the time starts counting.
7. Assign buildings to Zerbu's Careers.
8. Use NRaas Story Progression's Rapid Immigration to re-populate your world.

This way, sims will see Zerbu's Buildings as their workplaces for their desired career from the start. If the world is populated, place or pick an existing household and annihilate all others with NRaas Master Controller > Town > Total Annihilation.

Or of course, you can assign every Sim manually to the right careers, see next section (4.)

4. Assigning Sims to the building

Assigning sims to the building can be done in two ways. Either let the game automatically assign sims to schools and jobs based on their trait scoring/personal LTW (with NRaas StoryProgression you can push your town to find a job quicker) or you can manually select a group of sims (Teenagers/Children) to go to that building for their education. The latter requires NRaas MasterController to be installed.

For the game to assign sims to that building on a natural basis, it will require that you have deleted all alternative School Rabbit Holes within your Town. Children and teenagers will be pushed to go to the nearest school available in your Town. This will also delay the process for section 5 as there are no sims (or just a few) to activate the workplace with.

To manually assign sims to that building, do the following:
  • City Hall / Computer> Nraas> Mastercontroller> Sim> Intermediate> Career> Choose School> (filter) Age, Accept> Teens> (portrait) All, Accept> (list) Select HighSchool, Community School for the Gifted.

Now all the teenagers in your town will follow their education within your Zerbu's Custom High School. If you have a large group of children and teenagers, place two of these buildings in your town and divide the load.

What's a school without teachers? Same as assigning teenagers, but in this case education careers:
  • City Hall / Computer> Nraas> Mastercontroller> Sim> Intermediate> Career> Choose Jobs> (filter) Age, Accept> Select Young Adult and Adult> (portrait) Select who you want to have Education Career, Accept> (list) Select Education, Community School for the Gifted.

Press OK when you're asked. Apply specified values to all selected sims.

5. Making the workplace "active" or choosing Rabbit Hole Mode

After you have assigned the building to a Zerbu Career, sims that are assigned to that specific Rabbit Hole Rug / EA Building will move automatically to the building to perform their job. Zerbu designed the mod so that sims are autonomously moved to objects that are designated for the job. Using said objects while performing their job will reflect in the sims positive work performance. Slacking off will mean a negative work performance unless you use the tuning file by Cinderellimouse that prevents this.

If by any chance your game performance is slowed down, due to multiple activities on several lots that you've assigned the Zerbu Career to, you can always undo it by removing the Career/School from the building. Almost the same as step 3 but with fewer interactions to navigate:
Click on Building > Zerbu > Ultimate Career > Remove Career / School >

This will deactivate the building from being a Zerbu Career and the next day sims, who previously worked inside the building, will be moving towards the EA Rabbithole or Replacement Rabbithole Rug to perform their job.

6. Story Telling purposes

If you wish your sim to work from home or any other location than the appointed buildings, you can assign them to their home manually, provided their home is decorated with the objects they need to advance in their job. This is of course completely your own choice!

For example, your sim has the Criminal Career/Art Appraiser but you don't want them to work in the same building as all the other thieves/robbers in that building. You want them to work somewhere else, i.e. the Art Studio or Museum (make sure there are objects on these lots for the sim to use to improve their work performance).

Click on the wall of the Art Studio/Museum > Zerbu > Ultimate Career > Manual Add Sim > (list) Select your sim and Accept. That's all you have to do, next work day the selected sim will move to the Art Studio/Museum to work.