Stop Autonomous Dog Walking

Retuner is required
From City Hall or a computer>NRaas>Retuner>Settings>General>By Tunable XML>Sims3.Gameplay.Actors>Sim +GoForWalkWithDog>kChanceOfAutonomoousDogWalk

For more walkstyles options in Retuner:
From City Hall or a computer>NRaas>Retuner>Settings>General>By Tunable XML>Sims3.Gameplay.Routing>SimWalkStyleRules

Don't Have Time To Housebreak and Your Pet Is Peeing Everywhere?

Download Pet Bladder Tweaks By Mikey on The Other Mods Page

How do I get rid of Dog Dig Sites appearing in my town?
anchor: [[Animals#Dog Dig Sites]]

Dig Sites were added by the Pets Patch, and provide a location where dogs can dig up collectables.
  • However in order for them to spawn in pre-Pets towns, EA changed the regular Rock/Gem/Metal spawners to randomly spawn the sites instead of a normal rock.
  • This has the unfortunate effect of reducing the number of rocks that humans can locate and pick up.

So, you have three choices:
  • You can delete them en masse (though they may eventually respawn)
    • Install Master Controller Base Mod and Cheats Module
    • Click on the City Hall and navigate the menu "NRaas \ Master Controller \ Town \ Object Stats"
    • Within that listing (note it may take a while to load), locate "PetObjects.DigSite"
    • Flush all those objects from your town by selecting the entry and pressing the Accept button.

  • Or you can delete them individually
    • Use Ctrl+Shift+C to open the cheat command console
    • Type in testingcheatsenabled true
    • Now you can Shift+Click on any object and receive an "Object \ Delete It" interaction

  • Or you can create an EA tuning mod that reduces the chance of a dig site spawning:
    • The tuning file is called "DogHuntingSkill" and the field is <kChanceOfSpawningDigSpot>
    • See How To Tune for further instructions

How do I tame wild horses?

anchor: [[Animals#Tame Wild Horses]]

Article written by: - Mellye Mellye

  • Building the "Wildlife Friend" hidden skill will help you, so maybe you should also try interacting with racoons and deers when you get the chance.
    • Sims with high "Wildlife Friend" skill have less chance to startle a wild horse away.
  • Having the "Animal Lover" and the "Loves the Outdoor" traits will help build this skill faster.
  • I use a mod by Shimrod101 which fixes the routing for Horses and Deer, so maybe you can try it out and see if it helps your Sim "watch" a little longer.
  • Be aware that this mod does alters the relationship increase when you use "Watch", and that your Sim will make friends with the horse faster.
    • - shimrod101 shimrod101 has mentioned that you can use the "Watch" once and then use the rest of the options instead.
  • Once the horse is familiar to your Sim, you can try feeding him apple, carrots or maybe horse granola.
    • There's a chance the Horse will take it; I guess it depends on how hungry he is.
    • My Sim just fed an "Aggressive" and "Untamed" horse, and the relation is at 33.8, so you don't have to watch until you're friends, but you have to be at least familiar to have a chance to interact using something else than watch.
  • Other options are also available.
    • If your Sim already owns a horse, get the "Friend of the Herd" lifetime reward and maybe your horse can help you get closer to the wild horse you want to own by having the Herd visit your home lot.
    • There's also a little "Wildlife Stray Gnome" your Sim can buy.
      • I don't know how much having him will raise the % chance of any type of wildlife coming to your home lot, but it's worth the try.
    • Wild Horses enjoy ponds, so having one on your lot might help to get them to visit and make it easier for you to watch them.
  • I had a pond on my home lot, I also had the gnome, and horses that had the "Friend of the Herd" reward. One of my horse was even really a friend of the Herd, but what really made a difference on "wildlife visitors" on my lot was when I used the painting tool, and painted a big part of my lot with the "Pasture" grass that came with Pets. Maybe it was random, but since they hadn't visit before, this could be another option for you to try.

I Checked The Population Of My Town-Why Are There So Many Horses?
anchor: Tips and Tricks FAQ

When you have Pets installed (obviously), EA Standard is to populate the following pools of horses :
  • Adoption : 2 to 6 horses
  • Buy/Sell : 2 to 6 horses
  • Stallion : 4 to 8 horses
  • Unicorn : 1 horse
  • Wild Horse : 2 to 4 horses

Add these pools up together and you will find that by default towns will contain up to 25 service horses.
  • This is not including the number of horses you may have assigned to resident families.

So how do you control this population you ask ?
  • Register..can be used to control the population of animals that physically spawn in your town.
    • Namely, the mod can limit the number of Wild Horses and Unicorns (the other pools never actually spawn animals in town).

  • A EA "PetPool" tuning mod that alters the <EP5Max> field (used by Appalooza Plains) and the <OtherWorldMax> field (used by other worlds)
    • For more information on creating tuning mods, see here : How To Tune

How can I control the number of animals in my town?

anchor: [[Animals#Control Number Of Animals]]

There are a couple of ways to do this:
Register is needed for Animal Control settings for Stray Cats, Dogs, Raccoons, Deer, Wild Horses and Unicorns
Retuner is needed to adjust and manage EA's default settings. These default settings have been set so occurrences of strays spawning is rare.
Story Progression Base Mod is needed for Controlling the number of Pet Cats, Dogs and Horses allowed in your Town.

For Options In Register
  • From City Hall or a Computer Access Register>Animal Control

For Options In Story Progression
  • From City Hall or A Computer Access Story Progression>General Options>Suns>Maximum Residents (Default for all the animals is 25 for each species).
  • From City Hall Or A Computer Access Story Progression>Town Options>Maximum Size Pet (The default for families is 6 pets each family)

More Tips
  • When you view your towns population you will always see a number of horses, cats and dogs no matter how you change the settings. These are the game's animal population which is available for the Equestrian Center and Adoption Services. These service pets are not necessarily running all over your town causing lags, they are, so to speak just "on call".
  • Should you desire not to have equestrian activities or adoptions, it has been suggested to remove the Equestrian Center and Training Grounds from your town and then disable pet adoption.
  • For more information on adjusting settings for strays and wildlife see "How Do I Manage Strays And Wildlife" below.

See also How Do I Manager Strays and Wildlife below.

- brappl brappl Updated 27/4/15

How do I disable the Neighborhood Pet Adoption system?

anchor: [[Animals#Disable Pet Adoption]]

Do the following:
  1. Install Overwatch
  2. Click on the active sim, and navigate the menu : "NRaas \ Overwatch \ Settings \ Stop Pet Adoption"
  3. The mod will automatically end any existing pet adoption situation and squash any further attempt to start a new one.

Update: Since 1.55 the Neighborhood Pet Adoption System does not always work.

Adopting A Pet - A Work-Around for EA's Adoption Feature

anchor: [[Animals#Adopted Pet]]

Every time I call the adoption service, I get the usual message that the social worker is arriving and later get a script error message and the social worker never delivers the pet
The adoption system is very glitchy. Some players experience little or no problems and others report not being able to adopt. The problem lies with the interactions with the adoption social worker and the social worker being reset before the adoption is completed. If adopting a pet via phone, newspaper or computer is not working correctly, do this:

Install MasterController

From City Hall or any computer, click on your Sim then: NRaas > Master Controller > Sim > Basic > Adopt Pet. A window comes up with options to adopt a Cat Dog or Horse

How do I manage Strays and Wildlife?

anchor: [[Animals#Manage Strays and Wildlife]]

Stray Cats and Dogs

EA’s default settings for stray cats and dogs make it almost impossible to ever see a stray animal. The GoHere mod has been updated to fix a bug that prevents the spawning of strays however the tuning values in Retuner need to be adjusted here should you want more stray Cats and Dogs in your town:
From City Hall or a computer: NRaas>Retuner > Settings > General > By Tuneable XML > Sims3.Gameplay.PetSystems > StrayPets
As mentioned above in How Can I Control The Number Of Animals In My Town Register is needed for Animal Control settings for Stray Cats, Dogs, Raccoons, Deer, Wild Horses and Unicorns

Things to Note
  • In addition to adjusting the tuning values, the number of animals desired needs to be adjusted using the Animal Control option in Register.
  • LTR = Long Term Relationship with the stray as seen in the Relationship Panel. This can be a score of anywhere between -100 to 100. A low LTR would be a pet that barely knows you (25 or less) to one that just about hates you (-50 to 0). A pet with a high LTR with your sim is one that has a score of 25 or higher.
  • Note the CHANCE fields are floats, thus 1 = 100%.
  • Visit Length default times are in minutes.
  • By default the stray cats and dogs are disallowed in the Island Paradise world and therefore, cannot be adjusted.

Retuner: Tuning Values Explained
  • Active Household max time between visits (EA default: 96)
    The max number of Sim hours that can pass before a stray is forced to visit. Default is set to about every 4 days.
  • Active household visit base chance (EA default: 0.015
    This is crazy low, even if they weren't broken you'd never see one. Seems to have been changed from earlier patches, was 0.25): A base chance a stray will visit the active household when the stray pet alarm fires.
  • Active household visit chance HighLTR (EA default: 0.65)
    The chance to send a stray with a high LTR with a Sim in the household. This is a percentage added to the base chance of a visit and will send the stray with a long term relationship to your sim's home. 66.5% chance with defaults.
  • Active Household Visit LTR Threshold (EA default: 25)
    The LTR threshold determined to be "high" used in the above. This is a score that has to be met before a stray pet will be considered to be in a LTR with your sim. It based on the bar in your relationship panel. The bar needs to be at 25 or higher. The bar represents a scale which I assume is 1-100 so that means the bar needs to be at least one quarter full to be considered in a LTR with your sim.
  • Active household visit chance include LowLTR (EA default: 0.25)
    If the above chance fails, this is the chance the game will send one with a low LTR with a Sim in the household. ." If a pet with a LTR with your sim is found not to be visiting (rolling higher than 66.5 on the "dice"), this roll will check to see if a non LTR stray pet will visit. The odds appear to be 1.5% plus 25% which would be 26.5%.
  • Active household visit LowLTR Threshold (EA default: -50)
    The LTR threshold determined to be "low" used in the above. This is the same as above except it determines which pets are not in a LTR with your sim. In this case, those pets below a score of 25 but above a -50. That would be half full in the opposite direction (red instead of green).
  • Max strays in world (EA default: 5)
    Self explanatory.
  • Random lot visit chance (EA default: 0.01)
    Another one nixed from 0.25: The chance a stray will visit another lot besides the active household.
  • Visit Length Max (EA default: 120)
    The default visit length for strays whom you have no/low relationship
  • Visit Length Min (EA default: 60)
    Same as above but minimum time.
  • Visit Length High LTR Max (EA default: 180)
    The maximum time a stray will stay on the active household lot if they have >= Active household visit LowLTR Threshhold
  • Visit Length High LTR Min (EA default: 90)
    Same as above but the minimum time.

Deers and Raccoons

As for the deer and raccoon, since they don't have a "role object", they are controlled by alarms. By default two deer will spawn and one raccoon (which is set to stay in the world indefinitely). You can set up more alarms to increase the numbers that spawn but you'll need to create a package tuning file that overrides the NPCRoles tuning. Tuning for Deer and Raccoons cannot be edited using Retuner because it is table based.
You would edit the <StartTime> and <EndTime> and the <NumInSpec> entries under the Deer and Raccoon sections. Examples for the deer are shown below but can be followed the same for the raccoon.

StartTime and EndTime:
Each number index followed by a comma corresponds to the same animal. The first number after StartTime applies to Deer1 spawning, the first number after EndTime applies to Deer1 despawning. For example:

  • <StartTime>3, 18</StartTime>
  • <EndTime>8, 22</EndTime>
  • These are the default values for the deer. Two are set to spawn, one at 3AM and one at 6PM. Likewise they despawn at 8AM and 10PM. Note they are in 24 hour format. Make sure each has equal numbers or you will cause script errors.

You also need to edit each of the NumInSpec fields. These values are overwritten by Register but need to equal the number of entries in the start and end time values to work correctly. Example:

  • <NumInMinSpec>1</NumInMinSpec>
  • <NumInMidSpec>2</NumInMidSpec>
  • <NumInMaxSpec>2</NumInMaxSpec>

Make sure to adjust the Register settings under Animal Control to match the numbers you set here.

- Chain_Reaction Chain_Reaction has created a tuning mod for the NPCRoles that will spawn three raccoons and five deers if you prefer to have more wildlife. Make sure to change the numbers in Register to 3 and 5 if you install this. It is available for download here: Morewildlife.package

- brappl brappl Page updated May 2016