The Sim Menu

  • Animation By Category
    • Lists the various animations using EA's menu nesting
    • All animations listed in this menu are also listed in "Loop Animation"
  • Cancel All Interactions
    • Stops all queued interactions on the sim immediately
  • Change Tone
    • Allows for control of animation interactions running on inactive sims
    • Only available when one of this mod's animation interactions are running on the sim
  • Loop Animation
    • Prompts the user to choose a CAS or Idle animation to perform in a loop
    • Only those animations that are applicable to the sim's age will be listed
  • Stop Looking
    • Stops any forced "Look Here" currently active on this sim

All objects in the game now have a "Look Here" interaction, available when the active sim is running a looping animation.

By default animation interactions run with no delay and essentially forever. To help sync up interactions amongst multiple sims, there are several interaction tones that can be used.

If an inactive sim is busy doing something else, that is, they already have non-Animator items in their action queue, the player may find that the intended Animator actions get added to their own active sim's queue and will be performed by them instead. To prevent this from happening, try clearing the inactive sims' action queues with DebugEnabler resets first. Animator commands can be stacked, however, so it's okay to issue more than one Animator command in succession on an inactive.

The Animation Tones

  • Automatic
    • This is the default tone. Using it has no special functionality.
  • Delay
    • The number of sim-seconds to delay the sim between interactions.
    • Upon selection of the tone, you will be prompted to enter a new value.
    • By default, there is no delay between interactions
  • Pause
    • Stops the animation loop between animations indefinitely
  • Resume
    • Restart an animation loop that has been paused
  • Iterations
    • Specifies the number of times to run the animation before completing the interaction.
    • Upon selection of the tone, you will be prompted to enter a new value.
    • By default, the iterations is a really big number.